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Opus: One of the compositions of a composer, usually numbered according to the order of publication - Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

The Opus is comprised of Mr. Echoes a.k.a. Fanum, and The Isle of Weight, two instrumentalists that combine their haunting styles with penetrating sounds and irrefutably synchronized collaboration.

This production team constructs its elaborate sounds with such depth and passion in a way that listeners’ deepest emotions are forced to be stirred. The intense feelings that are aroused by the sounds of The Opus are ones that may have been embedded in the souls of listeners for a very long time. The spectrum of emotions that The Opus impresses upon the listener range from abandoned passion to a strange and longing sadness. The title of the artists' production team, The Opus, represents the movements of their work since its inception. After working individually for some time, the two producers decided to enhance their talents by collaborating their styles of production. Shortly after, Mr. Echoes and The Isle of Weight ventured into prospective projects with several lyricists to compliment their instrumentals. In a search to find lyricists to match the eerie yet mesmerizing sounds of The Opus, Mr. Echoes and The Isle of Weight discovered the talents of Meta Mo and Lumba, together known as the group, Rubberoom. Together with The Opus heart- wrenching beats combined with Rubberoom's double-edged swords for tongues, the collaboration evolved into a wild success. This collaboration marked the pioneering of stage performances so explosive, the atmosphere could be compared to nothing less than an insane asylum. The collaborations include four twelve-inch singles, a CD five, an EP, and an album. The EP, Gothic Architecture, was the beginning of a saga that continued with the group's subsequent album, Architechnology. Segments of Architechnology were displayed on MTV's Road Rules and also used in the X Games. Architechnology received national recognition, and ultimately became the product of a global record deal. Within weeks however, the record label was forced to fold due to lack of financial support by its sponsors. The Opus has also been involved with a number of other artists such as Earatik Statik, Thawfor, I Self Devine (Micranots), Aesop Rock, Murs (Living Legends), Slug (Atmosphere), and DJ Krush. In working alongside various artists that convey ingenuity and innovation throughout their work, The Opus ultimate goal is to retain the originality that listeners have raved about since their first exposure to the production team's intricate and innovative style. In Their latest masterpiece titled Breathing Lessons (Mush), producers Mr. Echoes and Isle of Weight give birth to beats that sound as if they've been created by two musical chemists hidden away in a new world light years into the future - timeless, and hopelessly alluring. Putting aside the distinction of each track for a moment, the album itself is one that cannot be categorized with ease. It is composed of particular tracks that pull at one’s emotions. This is the first full-length instrumental endeavor coming from the Chicago natives, and it is the beginning of a whole new journey. Stay tuned as they continue to assemble soundscapes for the future of hip hop and beyond.

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