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  • Avatar for G4CKT
    TRUMP / PALIN 2016
  • Avatar for spacematador
    hey you snark bags: if you have the word 'space' in your name
  • Avatar for PhamilyJules
    The Onion is a beacon of honesty in a world teeming with lies.
  • Avatar for jimm9349
    The only news I can stand to watch.
  • Avatar for SeveralPeople
    I love how they made Obama's voice sound Black.
  • Avatar for jimm9349
    BREAKING NEWS Second hand smoke linked to second hand coolness
  • Avatar for kiwibeard
    Doyle is my father... no joke
  • Avatar for kyusslover
    Fucking amazing. I want to work for them
  • Avatar for lincredible
    the o'neils plan to subject the infant to the music of [artist]sugar ray[/artist] would likely have produced what doctors call an "asshole baby".
  • Avatar for tschill
    Yup. This chinese-bought-out-thingy is brilliant. I liked more than anything else the opinion *Dana Lechter: The Internet Allows For A Free Exchange Of Unmitigated Information* and the article *Internet Adds 12th Website*. :))
  • Avatar for Evanfm
    This whole "The Onion has been bought out by China" running gag is great.
  • Avatar for vx_GASMAN
    I fancy the pants off Andrea Bennett. She so fiiiine.
  • Avatar for TristTrist
    There are several sections of the news that I like. The one in the Steam Room and Today.
  • Avatar for the-majicou
  • Avatar for distractedk
    Too funny.
  • Avatar for Hyou_fushichiou
    Contains more truth than actual news. Even if that truth is hidden under all that awesomeness.
  • Avatar for TomaNistor
    The best news podcast there is.
  • Avatar for witecross
    onion is fucking cute!
  • Avatar for 8thlight!
  • Avatar for Selbbub
    All hail The Onion News Network
  • Avatar for patthew
    Much as I like this podcast, it's slowly creeping its way towards my top 10 artists.
  • Avatar for M8T7
    So who has seen the movie? It's been out for a while now. If you haven't seen it yet, it's hilarious. My favorite skit is the film review.
  • Avatar for haloinahaystack
    love th onion
  • Avatar for podcastify
    Added to Podcast! (
  • Avatar for joels344_1
    John McCain wins by 48% Damn....
  • Avatar for 4LI3ER70
    Does anyone have Use Of 'N-Word' May End Porn Star's Career??? I've looked everywhere and cannot seem to find the file!
  • Avatar for leavemealone347
    This stuff is too funny.
  • Avatar for pillfeast
    Hooker Refuses To Take More Sex As Payment
  • Avatar for ohnoitsdiana
    this is the real news
  • Avatar for alexign
    Go Ahead (Bomb New York) Muwah ha ha ha ha!!! Still laughing.
  • Avatar for lincredible
    big fat fatty.
  • Avatar for julius_c
    funny as hell
  • Avatar for followsuit
    the fraternity guy one is absolutely hilarious.
  • Avatar for aughtstar
    Everybody needs to listen to that fake Bush podcast, funniest Bush ever.
  • Avatar for good_dancer
    Yay, the current pic doesn't mess up my profile any more!
  • Avatar for EdwardJH
    Stabble! Stabble! Stabble!
  • Avatar for tlcoles
    The Onion brings laughter to my days. Share the joy!
  • Avatar for johnl1479
    Madison? you poor soul, its all about Milwaukee!!!
  • Avatar for jkdeadite
    I am SO glad that I go to college at Madison. It is so awesome to just grab a copy of the Onion wherever I go. Practically every building I go to everyday has a stand of the Onion. :D
  • Avatar for jfen
    Who brought back this picture? It really screws up your music quilt thingy when it's in your top ten.
  • Avatar for blazet
    Bahaha sexy nurse.
  • Avatar for taraolara
    The Onion was set to come to our school for a newspaper presentation. Little did we know that the guy that showed up was from 'The Orion.' Yah, that was a deep disappointment.
  • Avatar for patr0ck
    so funny! why are you not listening to this podcast?
  • Avatar for kristinexhayes
    i adore the podcasts from the onion ... they're fantastic!
  • Avatar for mvelinder
    Best. Podcast. Ever.

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