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The Olive League is a musical duo consisting of multi-instrumentalists Matthew Murphy (formerly of GuitarAtari and The Panhandle) and Elizabeth Sarp started in 2005 in Portland, OR. They do not attempt to mask that they are only a two piece with what could otherwise be an infinite (and unfortunate) number of sound layers. Instead, what you get is a raw, less than polished invitation into their home studio recordings. Eclectic and obscure(musically and personally), this duo focuses mainly on their home recordings, unique production and composition. They have been quoted on numerous occasions to encourage their fans to listen to their music in headphones due to the intentional production of the material.

The Olive League disbanded in early 2010. Matthew Murphy has since been working with his old band 'Panhandle', and also has an album in the works under the moniker 'The Soundyear'.

Here is the link for 'The Soundyear'
The Soundyear

The Olive League on Facebook

The Olive League Myspace

The (Intergalactic) Monkey Police (The Olive League has denied any connection with this group but many fans may think otherwise)


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