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  • Avatar for Cali4nia83
    Ah middle school dayz
  • Avatar for I0O
  • Avatar for japiface
    im just a sucker wiiiittthh no self esteeeeeem!
  • Avatar for jc_montero
  • Avatar for djnonplus
    I didn't know how tongue in cheek this song was until years later. It's hilarious.
  • Avatar for Zawskyy
    Uć pozdrawia.
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia z Gierałtowic
  • Avatar for veggiegrrrrl
    i know, i'm being used, that's okay man cuz i like the abuse
  • Avatar for DavidSoaresXD
  • Avatar for JJSajmos
    I may be dumb but I'm not a dweep, I'm just a sucker with no sef esteem
  • Avatar for andyhickson
  • Avatar for lukasz_pulawski
    One of their best!
  • Avatar for cerealkiller_x
    I'm just a sucker with no self-esteem <3
  • Avatar for TheGhostMutt
  • Avatar for Serletti243
    I may be dumb, I'm not a dweeb. I'm just a sucker with no self-esteem.
  • Avatar for GrungeWhore91
    kinda scary how Dexter looked like modern day Axl Rose in this 20 y.o. video
  • Avatar for mark4all
  • Avatar for JBoydCruz
  • Avatar for perfumedsecrets
    this song is everything to me
  • Avatar for IasmimMoraes
    Melhor banda!
  • Avatar for Moogsi
  • Avatar for tcbp
    Legendary anthem
  • Avatar for Taiteki
  • Avatar for kungfuspinda
    I haven't heard this in ages. The nostalgia...
  • Avatar for Leifdistad
    I like the abuse :)
  • Avatar for JackLksMacarana
  • Avatar for johnm32145
    Timeless classic [2]
  • Avatar for lukasz_pulawski
    Timeless classic
  • Avatar for CantnkrusBanshe
    the beginning makes me smile every time...
  • Avatar for turboslaw
    just screamed it out loud today during the gig. on my very fucking birthday. nostalgia kicks in, I tell you.
  • Avatar for liquidvizions
    LA LA LA LALA LA LA LA LA LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE DRUNKEN FUCKING ANTHEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for poijoijo
    we used to have a whole little dance for this that was revived in a drunken moment at our local metal pub (where it's on the jukebox) at the weekend. Fun times and nostalgia :)
  • Avatar for D1mebag79
    Not heard this track for years - remember buying the album on tape!
  • Avatar for joecubbie
    Awful Track, Awful Band
  • Avatar for BluePrankster
    Legend track, Legend BAND
  • Avatar for Croquidou
  • Avatar for nazgulqueen
    You know this is a legendary song when you still want to scream it after all these years...
  • Avatar for thomas2112
    girlfriend must've been a stripper lol !!!
  • Avatar for Taiteki
    Ah, memories...
  • Avatar for neonwolves
    Still get drunk and scream this song at the bar l o l
  • Avatar for jomateus
    Legend track man, fucking kiff!
  • Avatar for goodspeedkill16
    The Offspring will always be awesome XD
  • Avatar for FatalReaping
    Hell Yeah!!!
  • Avatar for zoezinger
    this is amazing
  • Avatar for fuckyouty1
    still good after all these years
  • Avatar for theoffspring91
    la mejor cancion de la HISTORIA (2)
  • Avatar for FuckerDance
    la mejor cancion de la HISTORIA
  • Avatar for ST3RST1K4R
    love this song, an amazing band in the 90's, they gave up their talent for profit like other famous bands, only people who aren't fans or love sold out corporate music like the new stuff and think its really great!
  • Avatar for SmileyMiles
    The best live song ! :)
  • Avatar for philipforever
    What's up with this incorrect tag bullshit?! Back in the day they were called Offspring not The Offspring! Same crap with Prodigy / The Prodigy.


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