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  • Avatar for Zophael7
    Scarlett, I love & miss you something terrible. RIP
  • Avatar for screamingacorn2
    fucking great
  • Avatar for JoseMariaAznar
    great track
  • Avatar for DistortionZero
    The piano version is amazing.
  • Avatar for DaiTheFlu_
    after all those years and personal change of genre I still love this song. depressingly beautiful
  • Avatar for alfonzoloya
    This song is not from Americana!!
  • Avatar for bluestarnow
    Wonderful & dramatic.There is a precise reason for this song. This relates to the private life of the singer,a tragedy.
  • Avatar for joshsaussey
    Classic Offspring track. Still sounds amazing today.
  • Avatar for Sathg
    simply one of their best <3
  • Avatar for FuckerDance
  • Avatar for treradical
    damn i forgot about this song
  • Avatar for johnm32145
    To my Dad...passed away on third of July 2013.
  • Avatar for emirhansahin93
    one of my favorite the offspring song.. awesome.
  • Avatar for bryan12112
    If I could trade, I would.
  • Avatar for JordyLicht
    Because there are a LOT of shitheads who don't care about correctly tagging their music.
  • Avatar for aquaguard03
    It's been said before but I'll say it again, why is this listed as a track from Americana?
  • Avatar for Qbert_16
    Simply beautiful.
  • Avatar for awesomme
    This song is SO emotional
  • Avatar for fuckyouty1
    epic song
  • Avatar for purpleunicornz
  • Avatar for Gerryvr1987
    my preferred Offspring's song
  • Avatar for dcpunk
    Wish I could love this song more than once
  • Avatar for Harrishun
    Easily their best song. Hope they play it live at Soundwave 2013, although they probably won't.
  • Avatar for francis_begbie
    brings back so many memories its almost sad the 90s are gone... [2]
  • Avatar for patlabor187unit
  • Avatar for gunXXrunnerxx
    brings back so many memories its almost sad the 90s are gone...
  • Avatar for Raissa1039
    I dedicate this song today for my brother Ryan Dunn, who has gone away. And the world feel really cold without him. R.I.P. Ryan )':
  • Avatar for FuckerDance
    my favorite song! [4]
  • Avatar for mikesimpson
  • Avatar for Metality
    I find it interesting how easy it is to mistake "heaven's" for "hell is" in the chorus. Accidental? I think not!
  • Avatar for lorendefect
    Gotta Keep'em Separated!
  • Avatar for theoffspring91
    legendary band
  • Avatar for Karolina137
    Fanów z Polski zapraszam na forum:
  • Avatar for ozratygollum
    haven't heard this song in like 12 years... almost collapsed in tears, it still rules supreme...
  • Avatar for odairgaldino
    essa banda so me faz lembrar do tempo que eu andava de SKATE!
  • Avatar for Razielhim
    reminds me of english-camp in Malta. Crazy times
  • Avatar for star2777
  • Avatar for BluePrankster
    I LOVE THE OFFSPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Samanta_felling
    my favorite song! [3]
  • Avatar for MuseShrew
    The Offspring reminds me of good times- but this song has always held a special regard. It's a universal message that although we don't want to face ever, it is made just a bit easier knowing that others have paved the way. I've always like the Offspring, and probably always will- just awesome.
  • Avatar for maryannmassacre
    Absolutely beautiful.<3
  • Avatar for karlo87
  • Avatar for TheDarkSide73
    Killer Song
  • Avatar for Kinder_lera
  • Avatar for Vault13Boy
  • Avatar for BluePrankster
    Beautiful song (") VERY NICE
  • Avatar for Gutsman123
  • Avatar for Uncumbered
    I can't believe how completely bitchin this song is!! I could listen to it all damn day dudes... Love it, so intense...
  • Avatar for my_throat_hurts
    I'd love to hear this covered by someone who can sing ;)
  • Avatar for MANICSUBCIDAL
    Beautiful song (") VERY NICE


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