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  • Avatar for VinnieIcius
    first four albums are perfect. Smash is a timeless gem.
  • Avatar for krypt2nite
    Smash is what transitioned me from cassette to CD, it will be loved forever.
  • Avatar for theoffspring91
    What Happened to You?
  • Avatar for Gutsman123
  • Avatar for sinti182
    one of my favourite albums. punk rock!
  • Avatar for theoffspring91
    fucking classic
  • Avatar for BluePrankster
  • Avatar for BluePrankster
    the oFfspring the best ban din the word 4ever
  • Avatar for ikryukov
    The "Ignition" is the best, I think...
  • Avatar for zackcadalora
    Yup... i like this album more...
  • Avatar for Daniel_Green
    one of the best albums ever
  • Avatar for LovexmeetsxHate
    one of the best albums ever
  • Avatar for BluePrankster
    el album mas legendario de la decada de los 90 ............. disco PUNK ROCK mas vendido de la HISTORIA
  • Avatar for theoffspring91
  • Avatar for dafunkystar
    wheres my tape deck?
  • Avatar for ploftkaploft
    This album is great. I like "Ixnay on the Hombre" better, it has a better quality of sound. Maybe they should record this once again.
  • Avatar for ronan2209
  • Avatar for Rodrigoroth
    First album I bought ever [2]
  • Avatar for Usualkeyser
    First album I bought ever. Still awesome.
  • Avatar for UrielCorinthian
    Wow... Can't believe it's been sixteen years since this came out...
  • Avatar for victorragingred
  • Avatar for JackWillowbee
    Probably my favorite album of All-Time. It only had 2 songs I never really cared for... (Killboy Powerhead & So Alone). I was in the 4th grade when it came out and I can remember blasting it when my parents weren't home and singing that one part in "Bad Habit" at the top of my lungs! I miss those days.
  • Avatar for knightvamp1600
    the offspring back in my skate days were the shit and even though there getting older they still can punk it out!
  • Avatar for Avius_Mind
    Love this album. One of the first cds I started listening to. I miss the good ol days!
  • Avatar for para_1991
    this album is the soundtrack to my life, the song "smash" has a particular significance, forever grateful to the offspring for creating what can only be described as amasterpiece, best selling indie album of all time and deservedly so.
  • Avatar for hetisjeboy
    hahaha I even peformed ''Self Esteem'' in last grade of primary school with some friends at. We (of course) playbacked the whole thing and had like children-toy-instruments a pink guitar...a mini drum etc. But we just went totally crazy in the classroom, good times maaan. I'd say this is their best album for me, but to be honest it's the only album I know from 'em so my opinion probably isn't that valuable. Still, it seriously rocks!
  • Avatar for Heijohpeih
    I remember when I bought this for 13,00DM (6,65€) in '94 when I was 14 years old. Good times, maaan. But how it's already said, it were and is child music (:
  • Avatar for A-Small-Dog
    I remember when I got this as a gift when I was 10 years old. Good times, maaan.
  • Avatar for DickShinnery
    Best album ever, reminds me of being a kid.
  • Avatar for JoeTheSourBreak
    This album is the definition of my early teenage years. I remember buying it when I was about 14 and absolutely loving it. I still do love it and consider it one my favourite albums of all time. Excellence, start to finish.
  • Avatar for azrasta
    This album is great. Every single track is very good. You don't see albums like this anymore (even other Offspring albums aren't as good as this one)
  • Avatar for luca_pi
    I agree with Tom! great album
  • Avatar for Alison182
    deizi....You mean 'dumbshit' not 'dogshit', right?....because it's dumbshit =P
  • Avatar for TomCio3
    Best album ever i love them!!!
  • Avatar for k3kk0
    damn, I was young.
  • Avatar for deizi
    i remember when we used to listen at bad habit VERY LOUD at the part ... you stupid dogshit goddamn motherfucker...
  • Avatar for szczypiorofix
    Smash = Opus Magnum of The Offspring !!!! Incredible album!
  • Avatar for Rawrz811
    Ah Smash, the highest selling independent album of all time as well as the highest selling punk rock album of all time. For good reason too because this album from beginning to end is just incredible. 1994 was such badass with both this and Dookie releasing.
  • Avatar for Gatuvel0
    Best Offspring album, amazing band!
  • Avatar for atsugi
    This has to be one of the best rock albums ever. It's a no-miss, every single track is a hit.
  • Avatar for naianajfk
    i love the offspring >D ...
  • Avatar for duracellaaa
  • Avatar for Ashluke
    This and Ixnay are really good but the rest...
  • Avatar for tavoittamaton
    Got this 13 years ago and it's still one of my favorite albums
  • Avatar for Dan-Rocks
    Fucking awesome album!!
  • Avatar for hawk1984-3
    get it streamable!!
  • Avatar for maplejet
  • Avatar for LisaMixje
    Top energy album!!
  • Avatar for czlowiek-z-lasu
    THIS is Offspinggggg! <and also 2 previous albums;)>
  • Avatar for steeveep
    Great album but this band turned to shit......


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