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  • Avatar for easyisntsleazy
    Hey how about this, both versions are good. Why are we even comparing them? The US Office has come into its own, and it shouldn't have to be compared to the UK version.
  • Avatar for iamjackadee
    ...and I was actually searching for the minimal tech house artist...
  • Avatar for Deathexplosion
    the US version jumped the shark after Pam & Jim got together.
  • Avatar for Interrobangin
    Having more seasons doesn't mean that it's "better".
  • Avatar for zombiecreature
    the U.S version is way better than the U.K version. why do you think it has more seasons and episodes? sorry guys but it's true.
  • Avatar for jonpwnsu
    i could watch the first 4 seasons for the rest of eternity. also, listen to this remix track a producer did on the song they came up with on the episode "Local Ad".
  • Avatar for Deathexplosion
    The Office jumped the shark when Jim & Pam got married.
  • Avatar for knives210
    Come on! the office is still the best serie ever! the big bang theory thats sucks u;u
  • Avatar for samsnicefm
    146 plays in your library. my life is ridiculous. dead after 4th/5th season
  • Avatar for Cox_of_Seagulls
    U.S. version stopped being funny after season 4. At least the U.K. version knew when to quit.
  • Avatar for bakcheiaa
    30 Rock is better, lol.
  • Avatar for BadBlackFlag
    that's what she said
  • Avatar for ArctorTroy
    Jim can do alot better than Pam.
  • Avatar for scapino
  • Avatar for prettymuchfifi
    Go Toby!
  • Avatar for chrisuab
    @Pistol, I think the episodes only scrobble if you purchase them on iTunes.
  • Avatar for McCoyMcFlyer
    nard-dog <3
  • Avatar for Indie-Addy
    sweet, The Office.
  • Avatar for davidsakh
    beets. bears. battlestar galactica.
  • Avatar for Jefgoforpez
  • Avatar for ClmbngtheHorizn
    YES. Love the office so much. Here is my favorite clip ever...THE RULE SONG -
  • Avatar for girlsontop
    nard dog is love.
  • Avatar for SamuelEllmer
    The US version should be separately named - The Office: An American Workplace.
  • Avatar for bckgrndmusic
    british ones farrrr better. i think us version is really good but they kinda butcher the uk version.
  • Avatar for Bananasaur
    Love this show so much. Can't wait for new episodes next week!
  • Avatar for HoleGrainPepper
    Mindy <3
  • Avatar for pari90
  • Avatar for MassiveKill
    put the episodes into itunes
  • Avatar for Pistol999
    you guys scrobble episodes? how can i do that?
  • Avatar for CeliaGiovanna
    Why do I keeping getting this weird song called Oasis sounds? What is that?
  • Avatar for muse_haarp
    the best :D
  • Avatar for cheezup
    this is an amazing show. never seen the UK version but i hope to someday :D
  • Avatar for gustavofialho
    HAHA, it's funny and fuck off the rest. let us enjoy it.
  • Avatar for neckermanncj
    @SamuelEllmer: it's because the American version has overtaken the British one.
  • Avatar for SamuelEllmer
    I love both OH SO much, but The UK (the original) will always be my personal fave when it comes to the crunch. It will always be seen as the series that took a turn in comedy, and will always be seen as one of the greatest comedies ever written; where the US version will not. Now, I love the US version, but because of the poorly written first series, and now continuation of yet more series' it will never be seen as one of 'the greats'. WHAT REALLY FECKIN' ANNOYS ME THOUGH is how the American's have just called it 'The Office' while we have to stick with the term 'The Office: An American Workplace' to differentiate it from our original series. They should've just changed the name in the first place, or stick to what we have to call it. We didn't call '2 Pints of Larger and a Packet of Crisps', 'Friends' did we? NO. Because we have morals and respect. Think that's it for now, as it stand though, I like both shows, it just annoys me how the American version is trying to overtake ours.
  • Avatar for TommyHoff
    The original Office is way way WAY better then the American Ofice! The only time the American Office was remotely good was when they took they took the British Offices episodes and regurgitated them.
  • Avatar for LunchMeat88
    it's a shame, the show was so good up until season 4, I started watching during Season 1 now I don't even bother anymore.
  • Avatar for tallented
    The UK version is so much better. It's consistently cringe worthy and funny. The US one has gone off the rails making Michael Scott likeable and a real friend to the staff beneath him. This isn't the office they have really destroyed the US version of the show.
  • Avatar for jaro42
    BOOM, roasted
  • Avatar for dirtybacon323
    Bears beets Battlestar Galatica
  • Avatar for ubuibme
    ok... but really, who is artist/band that does "oasis sounds"? :-/
  • Avatar for TwoCBFly
    US version is the best.
  • Avatar for TehMadCow
    uk office is only better cuz it makes more sense (as in, it's a believable length for an actual documentary) cuz it ended. the us one is supposed to still be a documentary, but there's like a hundred eps or some shit, would be longest documentary movie ever lol
  • Avatar for codenameisbex
    The office (UK) is so much better than the US version.
  • Avatar for Navygrlf14
    30 rock ftw.
  • Avatar for falulatonks
    Aw, come on, can we not compare the two versions? Personally I freaking adore them both.
  • Avatar for catupecita
    The Office!!!!! :)
  • Avatar for J_Buber
    Wernam Hogg > Dunder Mifflin
  • Avatar for SomaBaby
  • Avatar for SamuelEllmer
    Wernam Hogg > Dunder Mifflin


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