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  • Avatar for Sameh93
    We debate it because we don't tolerate people teaching fundamental mistruths about the universe. Some parts of America are still debating whether creationism should be taught in SCIENCE CLASSROOMS. If we all subscribed to your live and let live philosophy, we'd still be in the bronze age. The only way to progress and further our understanding of the human condition, the universe we live in and the possible existence of other states of being is to criticize and discard anything that doesn't fit into the spectrum of provable hypothesis and the body of facts that make them up. Claims such as the existence of the Abrahamic God are patently falsifiable. We need to do away with these myths through secular ideals and morals that aren't taken directly from the Bible and the Qur'an - after all, why would we want to punish gays, apostates and fornicators while exonerating fear-mongers, homophobes, authoritarians and altogether dishonest people? What kind of world is that to live in?
  • Avatar for thclizard
    Creationsits and evolutionists might have differing opinions, but both groups tend to be just as ignorant and shortsighted when it comes to discussing/debating such views. More alike than different- just opposite ends of the spectrum. Evolution exists- OBVIOUSLY (Even if their is/was a creator; which I do not subcribe to, but am open to debating/cogitating the idea), evolution is observable; however the theory that we subcribe to has a tremendous amount of holes; just as religion does. It isn't the ONLY theory; but it is the one that is most logical/natural. Both sides need to realize you enter the conversation from a different door, with a different filter and nothing can ever be proven beyond reasonable doubt to either side, so fuck it- subscribe to whatever theory you like; live and let live. Why all of the hate? We're all bothers and sisters regardless of how we came to be. Let's embrace this existence together. Free will VS. determinism is a better debate anyways Slainte!
  • Avatar for NearlyDrowned
    This track kills live.
  • Avatar for slampisko
    Fucking creationists, how do they work?! [3]
  • Avatar for infinity-inc
    It just takes a looooong looong tiiiime.
  • Avatar for Deadwing
  • Avatar for CrimCorsair
    These lyrics are legendary.
  • Avatar for Andragon_90
    dem riffs dat band
  • Avatar for PsychoLold
    @Harley--Quinn: Creationists and atheists usually have a completely different way of thinking. You sound as stupid and senseless to them as they sound to you. Arguments between those two kinds of people are about as useful as [url=,1180982575,1/stock-vector-jigsaw-puzzle-with-a-last-piece-that-does-not-fit-without-strokes-3447765.jpg]putting two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together that just don't fit.[/url]
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    the ultimate riff. _\m/

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