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    Они явно не осознают насколько они классные. [2]
  • Avatar for bkbker1g
    You may wanna like this stuff if u like the new law
  • Avatar for Udavvf
    Bandits & Smugglers are cool
  • Avatar for SulphurSouls
    Great stuff!
  • Avatar for sasha_neihardt
    Они явно не осознают насколько они классные.
  • Avatar for okach1
    ахуенно ведь
  • Avatar for ne-baozi
  • Avatar for P1nkie_Pie
  • Avatar for Banquier89
    I was unaware of the fact that you play the sax yourself!! Deconstructed Funk is top peak
  • Avatar for wa1t
    подозреваю, что это лучшая в мире группа =)
  • Avatar for sasha_neihardt
    Репит плиз.
  • Avatar for Hann_with_Gun
    Listen Ninja Tune from the Black Sea
  • Avatar for Gussse24
    Взрывоопасное возбуждение xD
  • Avatar for Just-Acid
  • Avatar for billelderly
    полностью гениально
  • Avatar for Vassagor
    Niiice :)
  • Avatar for Feejee
    Досить така непогана музика. Оригінальна - це найголовніше.
  • Avatar for Hammer_Of_Doom
    пацаны ваще ребята
  • Avatar for nogilman
    just recently subscribed to "nod your head" . definitely one of the better podcasts out there. thanks for all the great music, including yours.
  • Avatar for senatoradam
    New free track up:
  • Avatar for isitbeer30yet
    Vaya Con!
  • Avatar for Esoterician
    The Fifty Year Storm is more than great ... some of the finest trip-hop I've came across
  • Avatar for mpak_
    eee.. :)
  • Avatar for senatoradam
    Thanks Ralle-Janis! Really appreciate that. It's people like you that keep us going. We're recording some new stuff right now :)
  • Avatar for Ralle-Janis
    I love your sound! Great stuff, recommending you everywhere, but sadly this is not a genre that seems to be very well known or liked. TFYS is one of the most thorough albums Ive heard, both thematicly and musicly. Your timing and pacing throughout is sublime. Best of luck, you deserve it.
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  • Avatar for salunya
    pretty good
  • Avatar for afu-sake
  • Avatar for Klaymen1
    shitty caps ><
  • Avatar for WRENCH99
    Incredibly amazing.
  • Avatar for DahliaBurger
    просто бомба! окунаешься с головой в сплетение жанров с первых же треков. awesome!
  • Avatar for okcesar
    Bastante interesante este trip hop experimental. A destacar...
  • Avatar for senatoradam
    'TFYS' album release party: Live set with live psychedlic western and pirate gun battle visuals synched to THE NEW LAW's beats and drummer on a BIG sound system
  • Avatar for ChriSThaaRippeR
    I KNOW!
  • Avatar for widzhit
    New album is out -
  • Avatar for Xhi
    TFYS is outstanding! We need you in west-germany, cologne!
  • Avatar for Afuera
    Found it on spotify :) I think you guys are very talented. All you need is a decent promotor to get you a tour and bookings.
  • Avatar for ritamur
    прекрасный альбом
  • Avatar for Baster_Jazzster
    прекрасный альбом!
  • Avatar for senatoradam
    Our 3rd album, The Fifty Year Storm, is now up on Official release date is Jan. 1st, 2012. Pre-sales are on sale at Pre-sales get an autographed CD, and high quality poster of the artwork if you want. Or.. you can find the album "free" online on certain sites out there. We love all our fans, no matter how they get our music. So spread it and show everyone you know, and that way, we might be able to tour your area. We do this all ourselves, no label, no manager, so we depend on you all to help us spread our music. One thing to note, if you do get our album for "free". Send us an email anyways. We want to be in contact with everyone so we can keep you up to date on what we're doing. We don't care how you got our music. It's just great you are listening to us. We are already working on our 4th album, so keep in touch ;) Also, if you don't already have our previous albums, you can get them for free, or by donation, at -Adam & Justin
  • Avatar for suorg
    отличный альбом получился
  • Avatar for Shamanic_Tea
  • Avatar for Dart139
    New stuff is awesome!
  • Avatar for arkelkan
    Soo goood
  • Avatar for gcassonnet
    Soo goood
  • Avatar for Backinmind
    интересная музыка - зацепила прям!
  • Avatar for methodpt
    Great productions!
  • Avatar for Afuera
    deep beats!
  • Avatar for aosBound
    so good.
  • Avatar for Dart139
    а вот и хорошие новости:


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