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There are two artists called the Negatives.

1. The Negatives from Bradford(UK) formed in 1978. Realsing there single "Love is not real" one of John Peels favourites. They have been on and off since they started. Recently The original and only drummer who has been there since the start Tino, Decided to leave the band. Leaving Rik(Guitar/Vocals) and Toni(Bass/Vocals) to get a new drummer. Still coming strong in 2008 with underground gigs happening all over the UK.

2. The Negatives are Punk Rock directly from the heart and brought out without any doubts and it sounds like a kick in the head.

In 1999 the band members got together and talked about starting up a punkband. They had discussed it before several times while out drinking but it never came to anything. They wanna have a band with the attitude "back to the roots punkrock".

They started to write some songs and this was something from the heart, the music they've always loved, so they really enjoyed playing together again.

Some of the members have all played together before in other bands like Existenz, The Bristles and Skalatones during the past.

In 1999 they recorded seven songs for two different demo-CD's, the "Punkrock Revolution" demo and the "The Negatives" demo. The two demos was out in 2000 and were sent to several fanzines, magazines, radiostations and record-companies. The response was great.

In 2001 they played some gigs, including support for The Business. They contributed on a couple of compilation CD's and where featured in quite a lot fanzines and webzines. They were nominated "Demo Band Of The Year 2000" in Sweden's biggest punk/metal magazine, Close-Up.

In March 2001 they entered the same cheap studio once again and recorded the three song demo "Riots In The Suburbs" and it also got great response.

They got a second guitarist and started rehearsing with him when suddenly vocalist Fredde decided to leave the band. What to do? They phoned their long time friend, Jyrki, once the vocalist for Swedish early eighties punkband Existenz.

Later that year they once again entered the local studio to record two new songs, the demo was only intended for the record-company so they would get to hear the new vocalist Jyrki.

This two songs was later in the autumn of 2001 released as a Split-single, both CD and picture 7-inch, with the German band Electric Hellclub. They have two song each on it. It was released on the new German label Trash 2001 Records.

In March 2002 they recorded their debut album "Rules And Regulations" in Bottrop, Germany and it was released in October 2002 on the same label as the Split-single.

The inspiration comes mainly from good old-fashioned Punkrock, in the veins of never forgetting their roots.

In the end of 2004 the band got a brand-new record deal with the German label Core Tex/Bad Dog Records from Berlin. And in the autumm of 2005 they released their brand new kicking CD "No Truth - No Justice" which have 12 great Punk Rock songs on it. Trash 2001 Rec. released the LP-version of the album.

The band had some line up changes in the past but the singer Jyrki and the guitarist Svegis has been in the band since the first record.

They have a new bas-player called Nasty and he is now the third member who has his roots in Finland. He started in the band in the summer of 2006. The drummer Harri became a member in early 2005.

So the band is now a 4-piece again as they were from the start and it was meant to be - simple and raw as possible - with one guitar, bas, drums and vocals.

A new album will be out in 2007.

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