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The National

Anyone's Ghost (2:54)


  • ahhhhhhhhhh why couldn't it have been 'the city. '
  • So beautiful and sad [2]
  • such a brilliant song
  • reminds me of The Chameleons
  • So beautiful and sad.
  • gnnnnnn
  • Didn't wanna be your goat, didn't wanna be anyone's goat... Hahaha. xD Nice song btw.
  • me too, anyones ghost is my favorite and i love runaway!
  • I highly disagree to the comment below mine.
  • i always skip this song on high violet, i think it's a real filler. the same goes for "runaway". i love the rest of the album though.
  • yes, THAT drums :)
  • drums are amaaaazing
  • Bryan Devendorf is a genius on those drums. Stellar track.
  • that DRUMS!!
  • An album doesn't need many tracks as good as this one to be one of the best releases of the year. Love the background vocals.
  • I like this one a lot #earlyfavorite
  • such melancholy goodness
  • great song!
  • dat voice
  • Best on the album. [4]
  • My favourite! =)
  • definitely the best on the album! (2)
  • Devilishly catchy...I'm in!
  • definitely the best on the album!
  • I am crazy about this song. So great.
  • SUCH a great song, both catchy and atmospheric.
  • Best on the album. [3] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Best on the album. [2]
  • indeed, what a song, can't get enough of it..
  • Best on the album.
  • my style i like
  • so much alike "Brainy" and it's the 3rd track as well..
  • f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c
  • melanholic ((
  • the best one on the album... imho
  • wuuuu... fantastic song =)
  • The bridge on this is so epic. And a typical national sound that I love.
  • I had a hole in the middle where the lightning went through it told my friends not to worry ♥
  • epic
  • pass me the tissues please
  • Linda esta música...
  • tremendous
  • great track. i won't go as far as saying it's the best on the album though.
  • Scratch that, I've now heard 'Lemonworld' and I think I prefer it...
  • My favourite on the album so far
  • this sounds like "Monkeyland" by The Chameleons
  • Best track!
  • Best track so far.


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