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  • rating 8/10
  • This album deserves more love!
  • Please God help The National make another album like this one instead of trying to just reach more people to make more money.
  • Patterns of Fairytales is the most underrated song on this album.
  • fantastic
  • Really starting to love this album :D
  • Probably one of their best. Just catchy
  • This was my first favourite album of The National.
  • rad songs for dirty lovers
  • Second best after Alligator IMO. Cardinal Song, Slipping Husband, 90-Mile Water Wall and Available are all ridiculously awesome.
  • almost everything by The National. It's really the vibe and the lyrics and the way they are sung that get me though...
  • Absolutely brilliant album with amazingly beautiful lyrics.
  • Absolutely brilliant album.
  • sometimes I listen to this an imagine what it'd be like if Matt were in a screamo band. It'd be awesome but I'm sure his voice would be ruined if that were the case.
  • This is seriously better than their other albums. Track two blows my balls of their hinges. [987]
  • i think this might even be my favorite [2]. I really dunno if I prefer this one or Alligator, but Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers REALLY is amazing in soooo many ways...
  • i think this might even be my favourite.
  • Their most underrated album for sure. I'll always have a place in my heart for this record.
  • CherryAtomic; I got my vinyl copy the other day and listening to it now again, it's just perfect.. Yes I'm listening..I can tell yoouuuuuuu're serious. Fav moment on the record.
  • There are many users with The National as their top artist. Are you one of them? Then please join , A group for people with The National as their top artist (obvious!), because The National is just that awesome.
  • This is the only National album I don't own on vinyl...yet!
  • Lucky You is just the best possible song to end an album on
  • <3
  • one of the best album titles, and great music as well
  • favorite album..
  • Very Good!
  • This album is definitely on par with High Violet, if not Boxer.
  • A very solid album.
  • I just found this record about a week ago and I haven't been able to stop listening to it. Holy fucking gads!
  • the first three songs are so fucking good.
  • I like his raspy smoky dark voice....makes me want to go to sleep, in a good way :) so chill and relaxing
  • The screams on this album are the best moments in the band's discography.
  • Love it, so good.
  • This is my favorite album from The National. Their other albums are excellent as well but I'm so emotionally attached to this album. <3
  • Best National Album PERIOD.
  • simply wonderful
  • first listen i felt nothing for this album but now i'm onto my 13th listen and it's just so fucking good
  • amaz-za-zing
  • matt berninger's an emo dude.
  • so, so underrated. This is really where they came into their own.
  • love title of that album, really. I think 'cardianl song' is my favourite, it has great lyrics.
  • Love goes beyond words!
  • best album cover ever *-*
  • Sometimes I wont like am album fully until something happens to me where I can relate to it. Thats the best way to fall in love with an album. It becomes a soundtrack to your life.
  • This was always my least liked National album, then one day I realized it had become my favorite. Not entirely sure how that came about. Definitely one that sneaks up on you.
  • I think this is my favorite National album.
  • Lucky You and Available - best National songs ever!
  • Fashion Coat is my favorite National song.


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