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  • Avatar for FilupLees
    Ulysses, Ulysses, little flower, beloved by all the youth
  • Avatar for AcidPoliceUH
    punk for ppl who cry a lot
  • Avatar for Alec_Trevelyan
    I started with 'Plays Pretty For Baby' and then '13-Point Program', I think I prefer the latter.
  • Avatar for pabloco11
    Where to start? I want to listen to them because I can't get enough from Refused's last album, and I heard those guys totally ripped off The Nation of Ulysses....
  • Avatar for garynotrashcoug
    First time I heard them was on the Fear of Smell 12" comp on Vermiform. Great instrumental track. Great comp in general, so it was an interesting way to be introduced to them.
  • Avatar for zoot_money
    The thing is, while NOU might not have influenced Refused directly, it's undeniable that it influenced International Noise Conspiracy, and well, Denys Lyxzen is the head behind both
  • Avatar for lanserskimis
    i don't really see this refused-NOU connections. They diverge in many aspects, especially THE LEVEL :)
  • Avatar for Bloofy2
    could the vocalist of this band sound any more like Guy from Rites or Spring? Not a bad thing. This rules!
  • Avatar for christles
    marry me ian [3]
  • Avatar for Maagikki
    @XBujinKoenX: You shouldn't have had any to begin with, to be honest.
  • Avatar for venenumest
    Try Plays Pretty for Baby, it won't hurt a bit... ok it will, but you'll love it.
  • Avatar for melkmeintogepi
    I only have "The embassy tapes" and its just a bunch of cats playing music and a dog barking. Not too convinced of it but I might give something else a try.
  • Avatar for XBujinKoenX
    I knew Refused before these guys (still don't know them) but it seems like I've got it unchronologically, the resemblances are so big that I can speak of a rip off without even hearing Ulysses... my level of appreciation for Refused is going down...
  • Avatar for StratocasterTB
    Terribly underrated.
  • Avatar for mister_tussin
    criminally low plays/listeners
  • Avatar for sincerelyaural
    Refused totally ripped off these guys.
  • Avatar for TesselateCircle
    Oh, man. This is good stuff.
  • Avatar for nicoinfurs
    New fan here too. Holy shit. Plays pretty is blowing my mind
  • Avatar for DylanDutra
    new fan. big fan.
  • Avatar for carlosbedoy
  • Avatar for venenumest
    fuck [3]
  • Avatar for RadBrains
    I would agree. The musical influence is obviously there as well, though.
  • Avatar for DrGunn
    i would argue that refused were influenced much more by NOU's aesthetic than their actual music.
  • Avatar for RadBrains
    I definitely see how this band influenced Refused. I thought that after listening to 13-Point Program.
  • Avatar for cdax2307
    Probably the best example of post hardcore. But Drive Like Jehu, and Husker Du are also the finest examples of the genre. specifically the self-titled, and Zen Arcade respectively
  • Avatar for everybodyyurts
    for all you sucks that don't know
  • Avatar for kvltasavrvs
    Unwound is the best post hardcore band.
  • Avatar for ElNuevoPure
    what's the need for the kids in america?
  • Avatar for atticus_B
    Best post-hardcore band.
  • Avatar for spectralf1re
    These guys are said to have heavily influenced Refused. I can see how they share some themes. Really enjoyed 13 Points but Plays Pretty is very interesting, introducing some off-beat elements like slower tempos at times and more pronounced use of horns as such onto an otherwise hardcore backdrop. SICK SHIT NATION
  • Avatar for FilupLees
    Ulysses, Ulysses, little flower, beloved by all the youth
  • Avatar for cihansondogac
    marry me ian [2]
  • Avatar for blackmetalpup88
    water ur planets w/ nation of ulysses.
  • Avatar for blackmetalpup88
    The planet needs Nation of Ulysses more then ever.
  • Avatar for newjeru87
    Amazing, and incredibly overlooked.
  • Avatar for ItMightBeLauren
    Fucking awesome. Have the pleasure to talk to Svenonious, and dance with him. He and I see ourselves on the same wave length. Everyone in the world should read his writings.
  • Avatar for bierce
    ha..i just found live video of their gig from Prague's 007 in '92.great, i wish i've been there
  • Avatar for tupelo_stevo
    I have no idea why I didnt really like this lot the first time around. Re-listening to plays pretty for baby and ive pretty much spent the whole time with my jaw hitting the floor.
  • Avatar for Bostjanski
    13-point program has got 16 points! Fucking gr-eat!
  • Avatar for dougsharp
  • Avatar for venenumest
    "Is the Canty of NoU related to the Canty of Fugazi?" yup, they're brothers.
  • Avatar for venenumest
    i prefer plays pretty for baby, but 13 point program doesn't sound so bad...
  • Avatar for dkulchar
    if you hat NoU, you just need to listen to 13 Point Plan again. sooner or later, you just get it.
  • Avatar for musicinmyvains
    bla bla bla bla bla bla blablllllllllllllllllllllsssssssssssssssssssss
  • Avatar for hollabackitsobi
    This band is expectations were so high given who they're associated with...
  • Avatar for dougsharp
    scary fun!
  • Avatar for Voltah
  • Avatar for ih8whiteppl
    better than fugazi and all that gay shit
  • Avatar for ketchup-chips
    Is the Canty of NoU related to the Canty of Fugazi?
  • Avatar for ShevX
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