• ShockPop play list - December 6, 2009

    7 Dec 2009, 14:53 by adolph33

    ShockPop play list - December 6, 2009

    Sundays are made for ShockPop! You do the math!
    Wonderful Tunes + Great Chat = Peace On Earth!

    Today's featured artist was "Achievements in Sound" and I urge you
    to check out his music and befriend him! Tell Gino I sent ya!!

    These amazing artists typed with us while we dug the tunes:
    Billy Two Shoes/James! Snippet/Johnno! Oudijk/Wim! Air Biscuits/Duggy!
    Dunn/Maxi! Biagini/Laurie! Two Sheds Jackson/Tom! Eimerman/Herb!
    SoundSerif/Fabrizio! and Cult Of Wedge/Pete!
    (Please forgive me if I'm forgetting anyone)

    Thanks to everyone who tuned in whether you chatted with us or not!

    Here's today's play list in order of exposure:

    1. The Madd - Roughy (2:56)
    2. The Pipettes - Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me (2:15)
    3. snippet - Love u 4 all time (3:44)
    4. P.J. Olsson - Pray I Don't Die (3:44)
    5. Achievements in Sound - Mr. Paige (2:33)
    6. Racoon - Good and Ugly (3:57)
    7. The Naomi Star - Karma (3:19)