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  • Avatar for Indexcard
    pitchfag actually liked their new album
  • Avatar for Indexcard
    ive listened to their album on the merge site. its amazing i cant wait till its out
  • Avatar for Piratejaxx
    It's easily the best of the year for me! The wait was worth it.
  • Avatar for MrCuckoo
    Has anyone heard the new album yet? It's beautiful.
  • Avatar for lazydynamite
    can anyone send me/point me to their album. i live in puerto rico, so its pretty hard to find it over here, and i want it bad. D=
  • Avatar for ArseOnToast
    This band is pretty much Major Organ and the Adding Machine, and it's awesome!
  • Avatar for Punichello
    Highly experimental, so fucking great.
  • Avatar for napkinshoe
    Brilliant live, brilliantly recorded.
  • Avatar for revolt96
    I agree on that pitchfork sucks.
  • Avatar for Lurholm
    I only recently discovered The Music Tapes, and I think it is absolutely fantastic.
  • Avatar for General_Tso
    Soon To Be Sailor and Aliens are awesome... so's the rest of it, for that matter. The 2.7 on Pitchfork really chafed.
  • Avatar for SoStark
    Song for Soon To Be Sailor is soooooo fucking good.
  • Avatar for sealife
    i have 2nd symphony, does that count?
  • Avatar for Slamtasticity
    Has anybody ever found the sillyputty Symphony or any other rarites? if you do can you message me about how to get them?
  • Avatar for sealife
    if anyone could help me out with the singles i'd love them forever
  • Avatar for JonasRH
    First Imaginary Symphony for Nomad is just about the best pop album ever recorded. At least it's frustratingly underrated.
  • Avatar for sealife
    cloudmaking is great
  • Avatar for sealife
    woo hoo top listener =)
  • Avatar for colbent
    anyone know anything about that Silly Putty Symphony?
  • Avatar for Piratejaxx
    Supposedly there's a new cd next year.


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