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  • Avatar for Neverjoin
    This music keeps me warm in the winter. Thanks.
  • Avatar for nmh4evr
    fuck theres actually a music video fuck shit fuuuuuuuuck
  • Avatar for Erasmus105
    I tried to give this band a shot but I can't stand Julian's voice.
  • Avatar for fujishironageki
    i want julians hat
  • Avatar for EwKrusten
    Hope to see them live one day, I met Julian back in October '13 and he was the biggest sweetheart ever. Love them so much <3
  • Avatar for kitten-tits
    So excited to see them again! The best live performances anyone could ask for.
  • Avatar for Sorta_Leather
    Love it, glad I found them
  • Avatar for oasisaint
    i can't stop listening to Mary's Voice wat do
  • Avatar for xchristopherx
    the appeal of this band is beyond me.
  • Avatar for ruirutesofia
    não fui ver ao vivo na ano passado, 2012, quando vieram ao Primavera Sound 2012, no porto
  • Avatar for peburgess
    Mary's Voice makes it into my 12 albums of '12:
  • Avatar for ChrisCappello
    I reviewed their show last night in Hamden for my blog. They stayed over at my house afterwards:
  • Avatar for nigel_vs_shark
    Wow, Auterkok, you have to have a lot of balls to be on your own band's account and refer to it as a "great new band." Shameless. Also, terrible, terrible song title.
  • Avatar for Psychedalex77
    really digging the new album
  • Avatar for hannustratet
    great new album
  • Avatar for fluorescent_fox
    jesus' voice
  • Avatar for StueUK
    This record is incredible, easily his best yet.
  • Avatar for Chupka9
    Does anybody have the downloads to some of their harder to find albums? It's killing me not being able to find half their discography
  • Avatar for matted24
    So glad to hear he's releasing a new record. Definitely among my most anticipated going into the last leg of 2012.
  • Avatar for chaindeath
    Better than the shitfest that is NMH
  • Avatar for mgocze
    no, not dead, simply sleeping before all of the wonderful things that are going to be happening soon!
  • Avatar for bcyr18
    One of the better live shows I've ever been to. Julian's storytelling is second to none.
  • Avatar for KeeptheFate check out my stuff!
  • Avatar for ummanturkoglu
  • Avatar for gfdsagfdsagfdsa
    [user]Pancho-[/user] Get The F´ck Out Of Here.
  • Avatar for Enokii
    julian is so weird
  • Avatar for MelvinRivers
    Song for Oceans Falling is amazing.
  • Avatar for clevergirlooooo free mp3's garage pop
  • Avatar for UmmmHayley
    someone help me out: i LOVE "for the planet pluto" on youtube, but i can't seem to get into the music tapes' albums. is any song as good as the tribute to pluto??
  • Avatar for raamindasu
    thanks for the great show at the wexner
  • Avatar for sweetdy
    seriously - this ding dong had people jumping over a small fire on the sidewalk outside the bottom of the hill in s.f. what a goober. still -1st imaginary symphony for nomad is a great album
  • Avatar for lifes_menagerie
    Come to Northern California! Pretty please?
  • Avatar for ReptilianC0mplx
    Rocking out with a banjo.
  • Avatar for bubba_ch
    where can I get the second imaginary symphony? and where is for clouds and tornadoes?
  • Avatar for Cerberusuille
  • Avatar for sweetdy
    wanker squad
  • Avatar for Simon_FM
    Julian is one of the most wonderful people in the world.
  • Avatar for munk77436
    Hey everyone, check us out for great underground/experimental and DIY music of all genres. Thanks!
  • Avatar for poochie37
    Ohhh julian! a man of genius! Pls come to Japan someday soon!
  • Avatar for rainwatertea
    i think the music tapes have played more personal shows than any other band
  • Avatar for laurengabrielle
    aw man. the show they played at my dear friends' warehouse in LA was brilliant. they performed magic tricks, and brought along a troupe of musical mice, a piano that played itself, and some of the friendliest energy that cold box of steel has ever seen. it was magic.
  • Avatar for scrapyardbaby
    Yup, they played in my friend's place for like ten people. It was fantastic.
  • Avatar for artmouse
    seeing the Music Tapes at my friends' home last week was one of the most magical and humbling performances i have ever experienced many thanks from our hearts and souls in Oakland, CA!
  • Avatar for otherhand
    I might get to see Julian next month. Looking forward to it. :D
  • Avatar for Wolf_Diamond
    He's kinda my fave vocalist now.
  • Avatar for quetzallimusic
    Great sound-creator
  • Avatar for wecanhavefun
    if anyone has any live recordings could you please, please, please send them my way?
  • Avatar for Simon_FM
    Oh wow....good luck, I hope Julian goes to see you!
  • Avatar for AtomicFood
    the fucking music tapes !!!!!
  • Avatar for stereocase


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