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  • Never really listened to The Motels, but just checked out a show in Ann Arbor on a whim. Wow! I don't know what I was expecting, but what I got was a hell of a great show.
  • I loved all the albums.
  • Amazing. Also Martha's solo album 'policy'
  • I love Shock, Little Robbers and All 4 One albums. They're veery smooth, dreamy and easy to listen to. The two albums before and the ones after are a little rougher. Comes down to preference, I'm sure.
  • the first album was great
  • so under rated
  • Only 450000 plays. A bit disappointing but this is a very contemporary place
  • I still love to the two hits, I expected so much more. Martha Davis built the band then killed it, shame on her.
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  • Counting
  • You know it's a great Saturday evening when Suddenly Last Summer starts playing on the radio.
  • "Only the Lonely" I'm repeating what I heard this song in the 80s.
  • Vote up!
  • lovely
  • Shame muito perfeita.
  • The Motels foi uma banda fantástica! Parabéns pelo seu gosto.
  • I loved the reunion on VH1 - great band!
  • Does any one know where I can get there first album "Motels"?
  • Why is that strange photo showing up on my page when I play the Motels. I don't know what or who it is, but it's not the Martha Davis Motels I know and love.
  • New Pics:
  • i remember lake havasu,playing this 24/7 it was a great day..
  • Tragic Surf and Art Fails need to be at the top of the list.. fantastic band !
  • what a voice!!!!!!
  • Super Band, der Sound erinnert an 70 ziger und 80 ziger. Sehr gut gemacht!
  • Great music stands the test of time, too.
  • Martha Davis has such a great voice! I'm not usually one for a lot of woodwinds but I love the combination of her voice and sax. Great sound, all around! I've been dying to see the the new band live but I haven't had the chance.
  • listen to the motels!
  • I love their brand of moody pop/rock.
  • first heard of this group from STORYTELLING... :):):)
  • I am looking for the recent unreleased EPs/albums...can anyone help?
  • Really? I thought it was about the Tennessee Williams play Suddenly Last Summer
  • For the record (no pun intended), my mother's book Building Passion was the basis for the music video for Suddenly Last Summer.
  • nostalgia of my teenage....
  • De donde era esta banda?
  • Oldies????!!?!??? I grew up on this stuff too...
  • Were Quarterflash ever as rockin' as the Motels? And WHY has Apocalyso not been released in its entirety yet? :/
  • Ouch, that 'oldies' tag hurts. I grew up w/that music. the beatles, stones and elvis are oldies
  • What's with some of these tags? Arabic, emo, political?? None of those ever came to mind for me when thinking of The Motels. :-)

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