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  • Avatar for mcbretttetettet
    still waiting on that new record
  • Avatar for lemst
    Great band, I'm a fan now !
  • Avatar for lewiskendell
    I had completely forgotten about them until I stumbled onto an old journal from years ago that I mentioned them in. Good band.
  • Avatar for joaotsantos
    The Canadian Rock League (season 2) will start in the next week. You can vote in this band here [url=]Canadian Rock League[/url] Every week have a new voting! Greetings
  • Avatar for Soalp
    They 're one of my favourite bands :)
  • Avatar for Soalp
    Phi!!! I love it
  • Avatar for miamiscot
    I love this band!!!
  • Avatar for cclbiah
    the drumming for this band kinda makes my testicles tingle
  • Avatar for black__hole
    wish i listened to underwater cinematographer when i was in 10th grade...totally would have been into this
  • Avatar for LimpingLime
    They're okay
  • Avatar for Nowordsjustrun
    Present of Future End!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Hyperfried
    Deserves far more attention than they currently have.
  • Avatar for noisybishop
    Review of new album
  • Avatar for KrittiCENT
    Population is by far my favorite album of all time!
  • Avatar for Fevered17
    For me it's Phages. Amazing song.
  • Avatar for LikeSomethings
    what's the best song?
  • Avatar for adGenture
    This band is real awesome
  • Avatar for c0rdell
    discovered yesterday via Broken Social Scene
  • Avatar for l0ijoat
    can't stand pilgrims
  • Avatar for fevaray
    these guys are so chill! i love this band
  • Avatar for salutemyshorts
    I've really grown to love this band in such a short amount of time. So wonderful!
  • Avatar for RosewoodThief
    no one likes a nihilist
  • Avatar for SLIGHTLYevil
    Grrr they be playing this Sunday in the Candian London, not the REAL London :P .... Hmmm, if only the two could be exist in the same time/space location....
  • Avatar for lukas_44
  • Avatar for TrueAruel
    "the Most Serene" Commonwealth of Both Nations "Najjaśniejsza" Rzeczpospolita Obojga Narodów ;-)
  • Avatar for lastserenity
    found this band yesterday! love it :D
  • Avatar for Madlawyer
    this is pretty whack
  • Avatar for Avaith
    Please come to the UK!
  • Avatar for Zarella1
    ahhh Jelly Chamber is amazing. tour the UK PLEASE.
  • Avatar for Slaky311
    Acre of Goon is just awesome.
  • Avatar for indiarubber1113
  • Avatar for indiarubber1113
    music-wise, they're like a happier BSS. :D
  • Avatar for dynamicjoe
    good stuff
  • Avatar for alameda_
    i have to check these guys out based solely on the fact that they're from milton, my hometown.
  • Avatar for LQQKIE
    is now connected to group [group]Canada[/group]
  • Avatar for Libbyyy
    I agree with the last comment :)
  • Avatar for SLIGHTLYevil
    Tour the UK, thank you, please!
  • Avatar for Reddodger117
    Saw them at Spaceland a couple hours ago, drank a beer with the singer and the keyboardist insanely cool band, jelly chamber sounds even more awesome live
  • Avatar for dbe43
    new ep = new love
  • Avatar for anawynn
    new EP is greaat !
  • Avatar for guilty_cubicles
    The new song is excellent. brings me back to the days when i listened to phages about 6 times a day.
  • Avatar for St_Unknown
    Digital Population is just as incredible as it is hilarious.
  • Avatar for Slimdogg3
    If you guys like these guys, check out Cloud Cult. My favorite song is 'Present of Future End.' Nearly all of Population is amazing, though!
  • Avatar for MattKlomp1
    Republic fans - check out Miles Kurosky's new record. He was the lead singer for Beulah until the band broke up. The record has tons of BSS-esque moments. Recommend "An Apple For An Apple."
  • Avatar for HannaHalm
    awesome :D
  • Avatar for Diminuendo_
    especially in first album gives me so much feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! content was always my favorite color gives me butterflies i feeeeeeeeeeeeel
  • Avatar for Hyperfried
    Bye Emma. :( You were probably the best thing that ever happened to TMSR. Be well!
  • Avatar for perishedinpain
  • Avatar for RenNeoN
    замечательная группа, их сказочная музыка ласкает мои уши;)....
  • Avatar for TozBrianzolo
    Will they ever go to Italy? :°°


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