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  • great band. whey have amazing songs. where is new album, Sasha?
  • New album in 2015 according to MusicBrainz...?!
  • лукашенко? лол.
  • I think you will like them :)
  • what are they up to?
  • Cool, really cool sound)
  • Саняяяяяяяя!!!11
  • Group created to Taste-O-Meter. All are welcome! :)
  • я влюблена
  • Лукашенко убил )
  • хуясе, Саша Лукашенко?
  • Sunnystream - try The Black Ryder or The Dandy Warhols.
  • also listen to:
  • Loving their sound. Can anyone recommend me more bands like this?
  • What a great band! cool cool cool!
  • wow! this is so good!
  • hit up the us soooon
  • According to the events page, it has been more than five years since they've played in Australia, and even longer since they've been to Melbourne. This makes me very, very, very sad.
  • please listen
  • friggin awesome! \o/
  • I like it =)
  • Батька в составе группы, да ещё и вокалист?...Ну Лукашенко крут, Вован Путин уступает ему явно в развитии культуры в стране :D
  • hey guys does the band name mean @the morning@ after girls or @the girls@ of a morning after?
  • Found you, mates:)
  • FUCK....yes.
  • This is something that you might wanna try out: Helmet Compass - psych, garage, britpop -
  • 'who is they' really captures the feel of a ride song
  • Sonic Youth + Dandy Warhols = Morning After Girls.
  • f yea!!
  • cya's in Philly 9/20! Hope you guys play longer than a few years ago at KFN...and maybe throw in a few Highspire tunes?? =)
  • наш президент скрывает своё альтер эго и ебашит не по-детски ^^)
  • Ты зачем усы сбрил, дурик?
  • amazing,really
  • great band learned recently and just fell in love song Part Of Your Nature <3
  • Саша Лукашенко.... и вот не верь после этого в совпадения :)
  • i can see them being like the vines in some of THEIR more spaced out moments (country yard, maryjane, etc.), but its kind of a stretch
  • lazy greys!
  • like the Dandy Warhols...yes (in their more hazed out moments), like the Alone is a fantastic album btw and shadows evolve
  • ''Hi-Skies''
  • Shadows Evolve is perfect.
  • Holy SHIT! ... WOW! I'm sure Alone is a fantastic album, but I wouldn't know, because I can't get past Death Processions... what a fucking song.
  • thanks for the reviews I almost got it the other day. I was killing time and saw it in the shops so ill get if this week :3.
  • channah45, a lot of early songs by The Vines have a similar sound to TMAG. Anyway, 'Alone' is a fantastic album.
  • um, whose idea was it to compare TMAG to The Vines (in the biography above) ...?
  • все не так то просто ♥
  • name is pretty amazing
  • Best band name. IMO
  • very good music <3
  • "Alone" is available on CD/vinyl LP on 11 January 2011!!
  • Very good music.


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