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  • Zach216

    TREMENDOUS new album, I'd say by far the best. The Wolves Are Hungry was always my favorite but this one probably beats it!!!

    September 2013
  • Assacra


    October 2012
  • monisiowaty

    great show last night \m/

    September 2012
  • Zach216

    Was listening to 'The Wolves Are Hungry' and thought "Why did I stop listening to this GREAT band?" then I went to 'The Unholy Feast' and now I remember why. Talk about a band ditching their roots, following a trend and losing sight of EVERYTHING that made them cool on "Wolves". Awesome groovy riffs (Dimebag-esque some of them!), great hooks, superb melodies (Paralysed, Chez Wrong, Born Freaks) and leads that fit, were appropriate and tasteful, not shreddy ... "Feast" was more of a famine... 'Decadence Within' is a badass song and has some of the qualities from that first record but overall that album sucks!!! I was so disappointed as a teen, it still disappoints me today *sigh*

    May 2012
  • Septacle

    Cruel joke

    November 2011
  • evilJazz

    While I like the music on the previous albums, the re-recorded vocal stuff on "Tread The Darker Path" just isn't worth the money. That is really disappointing, I had high hopes for these guys. Don't get me wrong, I still love the music.

    July 2010
  • E_R_P

    бля! ну ниибаца как круто!

    May 2010
  • BenOnUserstyles

    nice drumming

    May 2010
  • VeiNMaster25

    anyone have a lyrics this awsome band ??

    March 2010
  • Zach216

    The Unholy Feast overall is a disappointment for me... I had a feeling from like 2 years ago when they put up Ratcather and Forbidden. Chad just doesn't have the vocal range to keep all these songs interesting and then musically when most of the songs are all thrash based it starts to lose it's memorability. Few cool songs and parts, but liked Wolves are Hungry much more.

    October 2008
  • fear57

    I'm looking for "The Unholy Feast" =S

    October 2008
  • evilJazz

    Amazing band, great music! The Unholy Feast is probably my favorite album release of 2008. It's a real shame the album is really hard to get here in Germany, Import only. Now waiting for the album CD to arrive... Anyway, in the meantime I bought the 320 kbps MP3s directly from their label Transcend Music.

    September 2008
  • Zach216

    Love these guys, can't wait to hear The Unholy Feast finally!

    May 2008
  • JDonovan

    Just got a free CD with MetalHammer of theirs. Pretty good stuff.

    May 2008
  • Zach216

    No new record, goodness!

    January 2008
  • cellard0or

    The More I See Box is NOT empty!

    January 2007
  • rummelniggel

    Join the Hamburg Records Group

    December 2006