• this week in dave's ears (vol. 4)

    30 May 2006, 22:11 by daverocks

    Well I haven't journaled in a while, and since there are some newcomers to my weekly artists, here's another one. Last week I rocked to:

    1. The Mopeds, 24 plays.
    I found this band while I was shopping around for mopeds, as in those sweet motorized bikes that get 100 mpg. (Still in the market for one! hint hint) The Mopeds won't wow anybody with profound lyrics or anything, but they are one of those bands that can just be damn fun to listen to. The vocals on some songs can get a little irritating, but overall their music is fun and energetic. They offer mp3s on their site. My favorite is "Phonogram Sam."

    2. The Velvet Teen, 12 plays.
    I gave Elysium some spins last week, an album that has a beautiful layered sound that is big and sweeping and anchored by the wonderful vocals of Judah Nagler. "Chimera Obscurant" is my favorite, which is hardly a suprise as I am often a sucker for longer songs and layers. They've got a new album or EP coming out soon, so I really need to check up on that.