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  • Avatar for wiseblood-
    One of the greatest songs of ALL TIMES!
  • Avatar for aelimeade
    know the Pistols cover first.. good to hear this version finally. can easily see some influence for EMI came from this recording.
  • Avatar for Storchel
    Loooove it!!
  • Avatar for matt1337c
    This is fucking weird after having first listened that M.I.A. song.
  • Avatar for MaxScheffel
    It's hella derivative of Sister Ray, but it's still pretty good.
  • Avatar for traytray89
    Best song about 128 ever.
  • Avatar for Nochek
  • Avatar for liquidnature
  • Avatar for yellowrocker
    who needs 3 chords?
  • Avatar for CainDavies
  • Avatar for CatAnatolia
    This is more Velvet Underground than "Velvet Underground."
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    I'm in love with rock'n' Roll
  • Avatar for AM_Poet
    Patient in the bushes next to '57, the highway is your girlfriend...
  • Avatar for CatAnatolia
    "This song will always remind me of Boston... driving on 128 past the industrial park... :)" Yes. Always.
  • Avatar for Riverstokes
    Absolute classic!
  • Avatar for rewinddude
    sister ray
  • Avatar for plaidsheep
    This song will always remind me of Boston... driving on 128 past the industrial park... :)
  • Avatar for smichaelgbg
    the best velvet underground song not by the velvet underground [2]
  • Avatar for happyhessian
    Sooooo goooood!!!!
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    the best velvet underground song not by the velvet underground
  • Avatar for smichaelgbg
  • Avatar for lasalmejas
    Radio on..
  • Avatar for RockBottomRiser
    1,2,3,4,5,6 BOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Dette04
  • Avatar for out-of-stepXXX
    wow what a fuckin teriffic version / i go now jogging straight away (keep this tune in mind) -- cu later lads...
  • Avatar for TheDazman
  • Avatar for hamisugar
    i wanna skateboarding while listening to this fuckin rock song.
  • Avatar for Andreahhhh
    I love the description, Greil Marcus was a professor of mine last year
  • Avatar for dona35
    Heart Jonathan.
  • Avatar for lizvelrene
    more boston references = bonus
  • Avatar for THEBIGTIME5
    yeah man it is a great live version
  • Avatar for Jumperjack
    This is the song that changed my views about rock music for ever. Nothing was ever the same after hearing Roadrunner back in 1977.
  • Avatar for dirtbag1713
    great live version!
  • Avatar for lutherarkwright
    I'm hippie johnny
  • Avatar for plaidsheep
    Great friggin track about Boston
  • Avatar for sparklecrunch
    ok having always been anti live tracks on lastfm, have to admit i likey this one. a lot ;0
  • Avatar for Hellraiser917
  • Avatar for punk1968
    hey steve what the beggininn?
  • Avatar for Hopsitalia
  • Avatar for khambrel13
    this song has inspired many a band.
  • Avatar for sdonoh
  • Avatar for z0mbiezak
  • Avatar for desitre
    catchy, very catchy, more catchy than the common cold.
  • Avatar for glorybr
    radio ooonnn
  • Avatar for morticiagurl
    I like almost any version. Even bad covers by really untalented bands. It all just makes me recreate the original in my mind. I have a great imagination and great memories of seeing and hearing it live by JR himself. Good stuff! No bitching here!
  • Avatar for Diablorosa
    This site sucks so much ass, where is the option to double love? Live Roadrunner double love right here, right now.Radio On.
  • Avatar for cjackb
    kick. ass.
  • Avatar for DeepInMySoul
    I agree with other people here-- this version is not anywhere NEAR as good as the true, genuine album version (why it is mislabeled here??). Still, the song is great, and even a lesser version can't ruin it!


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