• Hidden treasures

    3 Sep 2006, 21:37 by Youpidou

    I see I have some criminally underrated bands in my charts... :)

    Los Romeos (120 listeners)

    A power pop band from Spain active in the early-mid 90s. If you're into The Primitives or Transvision Vamp you should check them out. The band has released three albums and the first two are particulary good (self titled -1990 and Sangre caliente -1992): hooky melodies, tight sound and kid-like female vocals (spanish chicas rule!). Lead singer Patrizia Escoin is active again in a band called Lula (debut CD "Zapatos nuevos" has been released early this year). Bass player and main composer of Los Romeos Pedro Lopez sadly passed away on June 30th.


    Eversor (43 listeners)

    I've noticed a lot of stuff here is tagged as (even the Ramones are emo!), but the sound of Eversor is emo in my books. They are similar to Lifetime, Dag Nasty, Farside, Mega City Four, that kind of stuff. There is a strong Italian accent as well. …