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  • Avatar for piotrowicz
    I really like the verses on Time Tables but the chorus ruins it [2]
  • Avatar for rick-roll
  • Avatar for Onward-Foster
    join the orgcore revolution
  • Avatar for J-Visual
    i didn't understand my friends hyping this band up so much until chamberlain waits came out. holy fuck, what a great record!!! can't wait to see them at insub.
  • Avatar for AdamLikesMusic
    Top Tracks is missing some of their best songs.
  • Avatar for Armadillo_Lord
    i can't believe still only 8k ppl listen to theses guys. they're soooo good.
  • Avatar for Jinxd
    I really like the verses on Time Tables but the chorus ruins it.
  • Avatar for Rowley87
    I'll give you a dollar for another ride home, or something to mix with your coke.
  • Avatar for _laurennicole
    I want to do Greg's vocals. Just sayin...
  • Avatar for GrabThePenguin
    Christ this shit is great. It's one of those bands you can listen to know matter what mood you're in, you know?
  • Avatar for piotrowicz
    time tables is so so good, can't stop listening [2]
  • Avatar for w0bbEL
    time tables is so so good, can't stop listening
  • Avatar for xKDENOx
    punk, indie,pop punk, and a little melodic hardcore thrown in. TITS
  • Avatar for w0bbEL
    new record is a huge awesome surprise considering what the ep already promised.
  • Avatar for TerribleJuggler
    New album is definitely good, but I'm not sure if I like it more than the older stuff.
  • Avatar for piotrowicz
    new album = pure, epic awesomeness .
  • Avatar for Armadillo_Lord
    Top songs needs MOAR Even for an Eggshell
  • Avatar for aaaaaaaah
    かっこいい。good album!
  • Avatar for danielwojciech
    I can't stop to listen this new album
  • Avatar for tunemyheart
    New album isn't as outright catchy as hold on Dodge, but it's growing on me.
  • Avatar for luke2389
    album is sensational :D
  • Avatar for mtilla
    everything below this comment is true
  • Avatar for handfullofpeter
    <--- loves chamberlain waits
  • Avatar for FunkyGoose
    Best vocals in punk.
  • Avatar for AcesMonkey
    damn chamberlain waits is good. can't stop listening to it.
  • Avatar for DrendanBaly
    the new album is just amazing.
  • Avatar for breathingvictim
    I fucking love this band.
  • Avatar for pezhead27
    Loving the new album - this band can do no wrong.
  • Avatar for bertality
    those menzingers are unbelievable
  • Avatar for owneroperator
  • Avatar for NerdStrudel
    yah, Absolutely fantastic album, It's like almost all I've been listening to the past few days.
  • Avatar for Rowley87
    I like that I'm hearing good things about the new album, it's not out for another week, I'll wait til release date with a very waggy tail.
  • Avatar for lauraalaurent
    FUCK. chamberlain waits IS even better than hold on dodge! this album is perfect.
  • Avatar for ghosttownblues
    Really, really liking this new album.
  • Avatar for Babrook
    Chamberlain Waits = Album of FOREVER
  • Avatar for zuckuss88
    Well, actually there are no words to describe how great the new album is. "Chamberlain Waits" is just AWESOME. For that moment, it's the best record of the year. I'm gonna buy LP when it comes out.
  • Avatar for timahelm61
    yeah, the album is great!
  • Avatar for kvzuky
    New record is so good. Does not disappoint.
  • Avatar for pezhead27
    New song rules
  • Avatar for luke2389
    yeh new single is fucking spot on :D
  • Avatar for r-o-s-s
    Errr Digital single is up and is awesome. Gogogogogogogogo.
  • Avatar for manoverboad
    Hold on, Dodge is awsome!
  • Avatar for distilledwater
    So excited for the new album!
  • Avatar for RejoiceItsSusan
    The intro to Cold Weather Gear is one of the best ever.
  • Avatar for PhillyPunk
    Look forward to Saturday at THE AVA when you play with BTMI! I just hope you guys headline,regardless,look forward to hearing some of the new tunes,if you play them. Always a good time regardless.CYA all soon.
  • Avatar for luke2389
    come to uk many people love you! like me :D
  • Avatar for killaforniaa
    simply awesome!
  • Avatar for dangermon
  • Avatar for surfwax111
  • Avatar for TheViz
    Best release of '09.


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