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  • Avatar for Flux_Tempo
    Wooo, Decomposer 10 year show. See you in Chicago!
  • Avatar for Ivar91
    "conversations with my bathroom mirror"... I still love this, loved it at 15 years old, still love it as 24. Timeless stuff
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    Not a single shout about the 7" they released earlier this year? Good stuff.
  • Avatar for BruceMcD2020
    Guess who had one of the most played songs on "Steven's Untitled Rock Show?" Check out the full playlist at!
  • Avatar for Zanderich
    i loved their work with mc lars
  • Avatar for AnathemaOfZos
    Tickets sold out in 2 minutes.
  • Avatar for AnathemaOfZos
    Reunion show in November in San Fran
  • Avatar for T2707
    so many shitty bands do reunions, why doesn't a good one like this get back together
  • Avatar for Frantic1565
    i miss this band immensely. i have seen them live many times and wish i could see them again!
  • Avatar for Desiderata03
    Randomly just heard Wake the Sun playing on a Friskies commercial. :)
  • Avatar for Maagikki
  • Avatar for Maagikki
    It's almost that time of the year again :)
  • Avatar for Desiderata03
    Forever one of my favorite bands. Not a single bad song in their discography.
  • Avatar for indiechick
    I didn't like them at first. Then I saw them and they played Scratched Out. That's all I needed.
  • Avatar for west-wing
    I adore this band. Sad that they were so short lived.
  • Avatar for PRagdoll
    Please come back. [2]
  • Avatar for HeroJoe37
    Please come back.
  • Avatar for VanLaux
    the matches are a dog-eared page i turn back to every now then.. definitely one of the best bands from my tween years.
  • Avatar for perristarr
    and a good one at that! =]
  • Avatar for Maagikki
    It's an observed tradition perristarr.
  • Avatar for perristarr
    I love that everyone seems to be listening to December is for Cynics =D
  • Avatar for katevondahl
    ahhh, PERFECTION.
  • Avatar for AnathemaOfZos
    Let's see a reunion show down in the bay, boys
  • Avatar for cornishpixies
    Still my faves... one of the only bands of my teenage years that I haven't grown out of, because they were just awesome.
  • Avatar for west-wing
    My babies. Damn, they were so underrated and unappreciated in their time. By some. Not me. I remember them fondly.
  • Avatar for perristarr
    i miss them :( [2]
  • Avatar for JustAStatistic
    i miss them :(
  • Avatar for kristinadilley Like this page! It is dedicated to showing The Matches that they need to get back together for their dedicated fans! Spread the word people =).
  • Avatar for HeroJoe37
    Yeah I think you guys need to do one more tour
  • Avatar for KMadisonK
    i miss you with every part of my soul
  • Avatar for west-wing
    I miss them so much! And yeah why is the T lowercase? Weird.
  • Avatar for Palffy3314
    I've always liked E. Von Dahl and Decomposer...but I had no idea these guys weren't together anymore. That sucks, they were great live at Warped Tour a few years ago.
  • Avatar for Idiotttt
    "the" Matches now?
  • Avatar for lovehatemegan
    I love you guys
  • Avatar for Kymusabi
    Decomposer is good everything else is balls.
  • Avatar for alameda_
    seriously one of the greatest bands of our generation. decomposer is on my top 20 of all time.
  • Avatar for falloftroys
  • Avatar for snobberry
    damn good band... forgot about these guys for awhile!
  • Avatar for omfgitsronlolz
    Reunion tour needs to happen!
  • Avatar for hectorial85
    So little plays for such a fantastic band :(
  • Avatar for jazzyghost
    Sick little suicide!!!!
  • Avatar for ChelseaCastle
    wish these guys were still together :[
  • Avatar for mudandbleach
    the longer rawer version of 'more then local boys' is so much better than the album version.
  • Avatar for Bayon3twork
    To be honest, I'm not a big fan of this band. Sorry everyone. Please don't hit me :(
  • Avatar for Jad0x
    I don't think their 'Similar Artists' are very similar at all. Nobody sounds like The Matches. [4] I miss them so much, their new projects just aren't as good and don't have the same chemistry. :(
  • Avatar for TunedAgainst
    I don't know why they didn't get too popular or well known. I know LAST.FM isnt an indication of album sales or fanbase, but in a way it is; and they have over 150,000 listeners!
  • Avatar for tachyonpython
  • Avatar for sarahrocks86
    Definitely ran into Justin while on vacation in San Francisco... we were at the same show on Sunday. He's the sweetest dude and gave me a hug after listening to me gush about this band for probably too long. He's way into Bird By Bird, by the way.
  • Avatar for BTTFloyd
    Audio blood is PERFECT.
  • Avatar for TalesHero
    ахуенны) 1000символов)


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