• 31.12.09 ## The Mars Volta - Drunkship of Lanterns

    31 déc. 2009, 16h39m par MoreThan15

  • Goliath of a Show

    22 oct. 2009, 8h17m par j_morrison

    Mon 5 Oct – The Mars Volta

    When you to see a band that you really like, you always have high expectations. On October 5th, 2009 The Mars Volta came to town and they brought intensity. And by intensity, I mean my ears are still ringing with musical goodness. They decided not to have an opener on the tour. Instead they presented the audience with a sonic assault for approximately two hours.

    When someone tells you about a show they really enjoyed, it might sound something along the lines of, "Oh man! That was the most hardcore show ever! The Devil Wears Prada slayed the crowd! Everyone was moshing so hard!" But the Mars Volta was the most intense show I have ever been to not because of scenesters slam dancing, but because of their relentlessly impressive delivery of super-human jazz fusion. The intensity of the band just oozed out of each member.

    The singer, Cedric Bixler Zavala, slid across the stage like a snake in a trance, yelling into the microphone. …
  • Setlist: The Mars Volta - 28 Jun 2009 - L'Olympia, Paris

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  • May 2009's Listening Habits!

    13 mai 2009, 17h48m par Linus-Grunger

    This is my second entry in my series of my listening habits over the coming months which I will update as regularly as I can and honestly as I can, with any reviews of albums or even live shows that I might attend. So here's May's entry...


    Today is my birthday (Woo Hoo), am 19 (Not So Woo Hoo) but ah well. Before I start listing my listening habits this month so far, last night I was at a gig... Metric at Oran Mor (Glasgow) 12th May 2009 and let me say just one word... Outstanding!. Emily Haines certainly gave 110% in her stage performance. The whole band played great along with her and I couldn't think of anything to criticise them on. Probably just the cheesy rants we gout about love and music, but hey who cares eh! They mainly played stuff from their new album 'Fantasies' which I was fairly happy about, because now I would have to say it's my new favourite album by them following 'Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?'. …
  • Top 10 Gigs of 2008

    1 jan. 2009, 8h51m par farcophagus

    01. Sigur Rós
    Date: 01 Aug 2008
    Venue: Festival Hall
    Support: Pivot
    Highlights: Popplagið, All alright
    Notes: Firstly, Pivot were great. Been wanting to see them for a long time and they didn't disappoint. You always hear a lot of batting off over how good Sigur Ros are which from my understanding now comes purely from their live show. This isn't to say their recorded work is sub-par, just that they are amazing live. The last half of Popplagið is the most incredible thing I've ever experienced at a show.
    [last.fm link]

    02. Iron Maiden
    Date: 07 Feb 2008
    Venue: Rod Laver Arena
    Support: Vanishing Point, Lauren Harris
    Highlights: Hallowed Be Thy Name, The Trooper
    Notes: Completely missed the supports so can't comment on them, Maiden were pretty much amazing. In fact "pretty much amazing" doesn't cover it, there isn't a word to express how good they were. Probably would rate this as one of my top 10 all time gigs, definitely best metal experience I've had.
  • De-Loused in the Comatorium (+AtDI- Ebroglio) - Tłumaczenia.

    14 déc. 2008, 12h43m par Avalyah

    Jak w tytule. Za wszelkie błędy przepraszam, teksty z tego albumu to potwory.
    Tym razem nie wrzucam oryginalnych lyricsów, każdy może sobie wygooglać ;p

    Postanowiłem wrzucić tu też tłumaczenie tego kawałka At the Drive-In. Tak jak DLiC jest on poświęcony Julio Venegasowi, przyjacielowi Omara i Cedrica, który przedawkował narkotyki i popadł w śpiączkę. Wybudził się z niej ale wkrótce potem popełnił samobójstwo.

    0. Ebroglio

    Miałem przyjaciela, który umarł
    Za coś co naprawdę kochał
    Miałem przyjaciela, który nigdy nie wstawił się
    Za nic z powyższych
    Miałem przyjaciela, którego doświadczenie
    Było przepełnione bliznami
    Pewnego wieczora upił się
    W bagażniku samochodu Louiego P.
    Miałem przyjaciela, który uwielbiał cię straszyć
    To był wyraz jego przywiązania
    A ty drżałeś
    Bo nie byłeś godny jego przyjaźni
    Miałem przyjaciela, lecz on teraz
    Stoi opuszczony na ulicy płaskowyżu
    Czasami mu zazdroszczę
    Bo ja wciąż jestem na skrzyżowaniu
    Miałem przyjaciela, którego serce było za ciężkie by wytrzymać
  • Song Game (Bandwagon Ahoy!)

    23 mai 2008, 21h21m par BRMExtrEmE

    Ehhh, might as well.

    1. Put your music player on shuffle.
    2. Press forward for each question.
    3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn’t make
    sense. NO CHEATING!
    4. Bold the questions and with the answers, give your own comments on how it
    relates to the questions.
    5. E-mail your friends with your answers or publish them on your blog.

    Will you get far in life?
    Placebo - The Bitter End -
    And off to a great start we are! I see this journal going places... *cough*

    How do your friends see you?
    The Presidents of the United States of America - Volcano
    A hot steamin' rock filled with molten lava, totally right.

    Will you get married?
    (hed) Planet Earth - Mirrorballin
    If you know the lyrics to this.... Probably not.

    What is your best friend's theme tune?
    Sonata Arctica - Replica
    Okay, he's a damn good friend... But he ain't no replica of me, that's for sure.

    What is the story of your life?
  • 30 questions about 30 awesome songs

    6 mai 2008, 14h46m par colourofsleep

    OK! First up, because I tend to listen to whole albums and artists more than individual songs, we have a bit of a tie situation going on... actually, a major tie situation going on. So I'll separate said songs with which song I like better, obviously. And there'll be artists repeated all over the place, sorry.

    1. How does 2 make you feel?
    A little bit mental, to be honest.

    2. To whom would you sing/play 24?
    Black Girls
    To someone that wants to have a fucking good time. Oh, to be able to play anything close to that sax freak-out.

    3. Is there a way 15 could make you happy?
    Gimme The Car
    Haha, it's funny. Violent Femmes, kinda happy in a bittersweet way.

    4. Would you dance to 25?
    Rozalia Bizarre
    Hell yeah! I have on the odd occasion. That is an incredibly danceable song.

    5. What's the best thing about 8?
    Viscera Eyes
    Everything really, it's a pretty complete package. I do love the way the intro builds up to the song…
  • Lo que ví del Coca-Cola Zero Fest....

    14 avr. 2008, 5h11m par Everyneurotic

    Pues el Sábado fue el Coca-Cola Zero Fest aquí en el Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez; aclarando de una vez, llegue bien tarde porque la amiga con la que fuí tenía los boletos y pues nos fuimos ya en la tarde. Muy a mi pesar, me perdí a Austin TV y pues si estaba curioso de ver a Bright Eyes, que ni pedo no se me hizo. Igual que chido que no vi ni a Miranda ni a Ely Venegas.

    Ya cuando llegamos, estaba terminando Belanova que neta la chava canta como si le estuvieran pegando a un bebé con un gato, lo bueno es que como era festival pues igual podías no ponerles atención y ocuparte en otras cosas. El festival estuvo bastante concurrido, con mas de 35 000 personas o eso es lo que nos daban a entender en las pantallas junto a los escenarios, y pues había de todo entre el público, pero no tantos emos como se pensaba.

    Anyhoo, la banda que yo tenía un chingo de ganas de ver era My Morning Jacket quienes descubrí cuando tocaron una vez en la tele y ya me conseguí a escuchar su disco Z el…
  • 10 Predicciones para el Zero Fest y rolas a seguir

    12 avr. 2008, 6h11m par kantidosama


    1. Todas las bandas van a tener un grupito de pendejos que las abuecharan e intentaran bajarlas, salvo los smashing pumpkins y timo maas, no por calidad artistica ni mucho menos, sino por ser los últimos de cada escenario, aun asi, todas las bandas tendran el coraje para tener presentaciones completas.

    2. La Presentación de Austin TV tendrá algo relacionado con los Smashing Pumpkins, ya sea que toquen su cover a Tonight Tonight (aunque sea un pedacito), o van a salir disfrazados como en video de la canción.

    3. Sorpresivamente, Miranda y Belanova no serán tan abucheados como se espera, gran parte del publico le gritará a Denisse "chichis, chichis, chichis"

    4. The Faint volverá a tocar con huevita (lo se, simplemente lo se)

    5. Jim James de My Morning Jacket se sube con Connor O'Brest a cantar "At The Bottom of Everything", además de que Connor estará en el show de The Faint, y tal vez, Connor devuelva el favor a MMJ