• Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums : 421 - 430

    12 Mar 2008, 20:47 by RussBGrant

    Trucking along to the top 500, this pack was a decent enough mix other then the dreadful appearance of the Mamas and the Pappas.

    421. The "Chirping" Crickets, Buddy Holly and the Crickets

    Awesome album by Holly. It really is a musical tragedy that he died in that plain crash, as Holly truly was an innovator. The talent hinted at on this one never fully blossomed. Still a great collection of early rock songs.

    422. The Best of the Girl Groups, Vol. 1, Volumes 1 and 2, Various Artists

    Not as definitive as some of the other collections on here (like NUGGETS) but still a good listen. Great story songs that cover pretty much every aspect of teenage love and angst, some quite poignant.

    423. Greatest Hits, The Mamas and the Papas

    Not much different then the other offering on this list. Their two big hits (California Dreaming and Monday Mondays) are featured first and then the rest is filled with gutless, soulless, horribly arranged bullshit.

    424. King Of The Delta Blues Singers, Vol. 2, Robert Johnson
  • HMV Sale

    2 Jul 2006, 20:22 by gleet

    Went into HMV to get Rather Ripped only to find they had one of their troublesome sales, and walked out also with Disintegration, The Stone Roses and Greatest Hits. The cost of the last three was just under the £12.99 for the Sonic Youth, so not bad. Expect to see a sudden surge in those bands on my last.fm profile.