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  • Avatar for WildRoo
    One of my fave songs of all time, truly a classic
  • Avatar for pressuredrop
    Stephin Merrit said it's about a vampire. Blew my mind.
  • Avatar for Best_Coast
    this is HUGE!
  • Avatar for liquidnature
    someday i'll make a man out of youuuu.. just me? okay then.
  • Avatar for spanishwire
    adore how "nobody's gonna hurt you anymore, & nobody's gonna make you want to die" is juxtaposed with the "promises i'll never keep" chorus. super sock to the gut
  • Avatar for ruthietwoshoes
    SeattleJQueen- you make a good point.
  • Avatar for Hulelam
    SeattleJQueen I think Merrit is extremely metaphorical..
  • Avatar for acalltoapathy
    I'll have to go when the whistle blows, the whistle knows my name...
  • Avatar for phthoggos
    Next time, use only the words you need.
  • Avatar for SeattleJQueen
    beyond brilliant; I don't get why so many people are obsessed with the likes of Bob Dylan. Like, I get it, he's good and all.. but I find it really strange that such a diverse and great number of people can have a strong personal connection to a single man's music. I get the feeling this is because people tell themselves to love the classics, because well, they're the "classics" (I think the government passed some sort of legislation defining what classic music is). Stephin Merrit is my Bob Dylan. He may not be super political or all ambiguous and metaphorical, but neither am I. I wish more people knew it was okay to pick certain traits you like in a songwriter, instead of feeling like you're supposed to like a guy because of his name (I mean no disrespect to Dylan or his real fans by saying this, I'm just trying to make a point). Romance + dry wit and irony = my kinda songwriter.
  • Avatar for ParadesGoBy23
    I am a sad bastard.
  • Avatar for corvidtabard
    easily one of the best songs of all time
  • Avatar for sawaawawa
    this song sounds like a song by the dodos....kinda weird how similar it is. this one probably came out first.
  • Avatar for Herr_Amn
    Sad bastard music indeed.
  • Avatar for Daydreamishly
    First song I listened to on my nineteenth birthday.
  • Avatar for akauser
    I always thought it was "beat you in your sleep".
  • Avatar for cowey
    for some reason, i always used to misremember that lyric as 'one of these days i'm gonna kill you in your sleep'.
  • Avatar for thepod
    one of these days i'm gonna leave you in your sleep
  • Avatar for evil_laugher
    I love this song loads.
  • Avatar for FraDiaMor
    arcade fire do a nice cover of this (though he changes the order a little bit):
  • Avatar for TheGumThief
    I love the vampire-thing in Stephin Merritt's songs...
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  • Avatar for mwards
    i love this song so much

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