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  • Dennis still there !
  • [artist]Nettverk for dyrs frihet[/artist] har intervuet Dennis Lyxzén i sending 13 av vår podcast Nettradio for dyrs frihet. [url=http://www.dyrsfrihet.no/zine/nettradio-for-dyrs-frihet-sending-13]Last ned her![/url]
  • Bitte gegen rechts abstimmen ! Daumen nach oben falls die Visualisierung Deiner Meinung nach gut getroffen ist ! http://www.lastfm.de/music/Sleipnir/+images
  • That''s true... Dennis announced, that MAYBE he would put the translation online someday... I think this would be quite nice, I would like to understand what the songs are about :)
  • I've listened to Myspace tracks: they're great as usual but...I can't understand a word and that's bad because they had beautiful lyrics...
  • The Lost Patrol felt threatened by these guys, and rightly so, so they were going to take legal action if The Lost Patrol Band didn't change their name.
  • Well, I think they had to do so...Because of this other band with the same name.
  • Augh, a name change? Lame!
  • They loaded up some new songs, check out their MySpace to listen to it! The new one are in Swedish
  • Yes, they have changed their name. Now they are called Invasionen.
  • Best today band. Are they changing name & lineup?
  • wow, I would love to see this band, they need to come to the states soon! also, can anyone send me anything besides the self-titled album, thats the only one I could find...
  • i saw them yesterday evening, they were really great. it's funny how different dennis is when he's on stage with this band than with the (int.) noise conspiracy - he was very casual and easygoing. i didn't know he could be so funny :)
  • Saw the band at Rocco del Schlacko and it's just amazing what energy comes right out of dennis, they made an awesome gig, going to see them again in two weeks, yeah. =D
  • <3
  • Dennis Rocks.
  • playing at tafteafestivalen.se 13th July. (Sweden)
  • This is VERY good.
  • Very cute pic of Dennis in Pending Photos on here that I took with my mobile after The Lost Patrol Band did a set in my local venue. He posed very nicely for me when I asked him if I could snap him.
  • anybody got the lyrics of doesn´t matter?? its important!!!
  • Kommer bli underbart att se dem på hultan!
  • hell yes!
  • fuckin hell asså!
  • <3

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