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The Lightning Seeds

The Life Of Riley (4:04)


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  • one of the best Songs ever...
  • Lets look at the goal of the month.
  • WAHNSINNIG TOLL :::*- ¦:-*.:*`*:.*-:¦:-*.:* (_.·´¯) .¤°¨¨°(¯`·._) (_.·´¯)°¨¨°¤*- ¦:-*.:*`*:.*-:¦:-*.:* (_.·´¯) .¤°¨¨°(¯`·._) (_.·´¯)°¨¨°¤*- ¦:-*.:*`*:.*-:¦:-*.:* (_.·´¯) .¤°¨¨°(¯`·._) (_.·´¯)°¨¨°¤ K
  • Do you wanna buy some pegs?
  • :-)
  • makes me happy
  • fabulous
  • one of my favourites <3
  • this song always makes me run faster :) a 90's indie gem :)
  • cool tune!!
  • fasten seat belt...to take off...
  • Nice
  • Very cute..
  • lost in the milky way
  • Le Tissier - what a player
  • It keeps me happy... Remember ELO and Horrice Whimp... !
  • motd memories
  • not very original but a nice tune
  • Classic Le Tissier goal of the month memories!
  • I love this group =)
  • good song vocals waste it
  • hey im the new guy and just like to say i realy like lighting seeds .well here is onother great band i remember listiening to as a teenager
  • ummm
  • love it. gets me hyped up for summer.
  • just happy music - if you don't like it shut up and switch to something else- it's entertainment, not rocket science...
  • This song always improves my mood:)
  • Sounds too much like Pet Shop boys, actually really hate this.
  • Reminds of classic MOTD goals of the month. Cool tune.
  • very nice :)
  • To me this sounds a bit like New Order :| I thought it was a song by them when it started to play on my Last.fm radio :P
  • Love it.
  • Combines so many instruments, plus reminds you of goal of the month too... so catchy... even now... timeless? :)
  • chuff chuff
  • Great pop song - GOAL OF THE MONTH!
  • so how old is riley now,isnt he ian broudies son.
  • Ian Broudie is good at writing 3 minute pop classics, although I only like a handful of their songs, this song is a fucking peach.
  • perfect!
  • Goal of the Month ..........
  • Should be struck by lightning
  • neither did I! I didn't know until now that they've got a new album coming out this year :-)
  • Didnt realise he was 51!?
  • <3
  • awww...the day just keeps getting better with music like this... "p
  • LUV EM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • HATE EM!!!
  • great
  • wonderful
  • Ian Broudie could write 3 minute pop sons for fun. So so many classics.....this is one of the best. A great live band, remember seeing them at the Kilburn National many years ago !
  • +++++


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