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26 May 2012 | from

It's always awesome to get a review back from one of the Big 4 (as I like to call them).  They are the good folks over at

I've been looking up to these guys since 2008 when my friend showed me how to download podcasts from their site.  I've always dreamed of sending some music to these guys, so you can imagine my racing heartbeat as I opened the link.  I think you'll be surprised.

"There is a story behind every Christian, and the Legend of Xero has a sincere one of finding Christ and awakening from sin and being born again. A story those of us who are Christians can all appreciate and I am grateful for his testimony, and pray for his continued growth in Christ. It seems in some ways this album represents that growth as well. As the tracks progress, they become more cohesive and focused. Also his voice and flow also seems to mature with each track."

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