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  • Avatar for clutnuckle
    dkc2 'flight of the zinger'-esque. s/o to david wise!!!
  • Avatar for Tanru
    Such a great song. Has anyone got any insight into what it really is about?
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    I love it that there is trance music bubbling under to come out but they don't release it, tense. At the same time, I hate it. :D
  • Avatar for abfdrumz
    This is the song that introduced me to The Knife, and it's still one of the most perfect things I've ever heard.
  • Avatar for dubistheroots
    guitar cover of this song
  • Avatar for R-Mac
    Could have been so much longer
  • Avatar for hf1809
  • Avatar for strivinglife
    This is really good.
  • Avatar for markaceface
    I don't know what it is about the Knife.... it just sounds mysterious, emotional, dark, strange.... yet strangely addictive. No matter how much I listen to the Knife I can never figure out how I'm suppose to feel about the music.
  • Avatar for Boosh1988
    Not going to lie, I bought Silent Shout for Silent Shout, Marble House, and One Hit. I was not expecting to get so blown away by this track. It is bone-achingly beautiful.
  • Avatar for cooper104
    Without a doubt, my favourite song of theirs ever!
  • Avatar for jimm9349
    There's something special about this song.
  • Avatar for bb_128
    music tonight☾♥
  • Avatar for Beat_C
    yeah, "wicked" really is the appropriate word in this case.
  • Avatar for crazyhomebodygi
  • Avatar for J-49
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Great song
  • Avatar for rogee
  • Avatar for h3lovenote
    I just want your music tonight [2]
  • Avatar for Qbel89
    the lyrics are sooo Fever Ray-y [2] nature left (here) a safe oasis
  • Avatar for OCD4CDz
    i tagged this as music, is that redundant?
  • Avatar for omer11a
    I just can't help but sing along every time i listen to this song
  • Avatar for mostlife
    yes.... for all the moments I want to be deeper .... die Stimme lässt mich fluchen!
  • Avatar for data_rape
    sounds like good old slipknot <3
  • Avatar for EvilCat312
    not only lyrics
  • Avatar for MarcosSena
    the lyrics are sooo Fever Ray-y
  • Avatar for barbudean
    i absolutely love this one
  • Avatar for masodikgalamb
    I just want your music tonight
  • Avatar for epiphanygene
    @mozzareIIa actually I thought this sounded a bit too rave-y to sound Fever Ray-y ;)
  • Avatar for OCD4CDz
    one of the highlights on a landmark record
  • Avatar for mozzareIIa
    something of Fever Ray
  • Avatar for serpentshade
    this song & Silent Shout make the album so worthwhile. it conjures up such an atmosphere of mystery, intrigue, smoky weather, & a kind of pagan-like celebration. all hail the knife!
  • Avatar for LoveYourFella
    I use to listen to them a little, but fell in love with them after I became friends with the exchange student from Norawy, Shervin. And while all there music is far beyond most modern artists, this one is something very special.
  • Avatar for bungalow51bill
    Very good!!
  • Avatar for adrianwalsh
    Hmmm, know very little about this group, but after hearing this song... I will get to know more
  • Avatar for kingoftown36
    @chrisvasco Yes!
  • Avatar for TheAstr0naut
    I just recently started listening to The Knife, and they have earned a special place in my heart very quickly. That doesn't happen too often, unfortunately.
  • Avatar for TrixIbsen
    this song reminds me somehow of anne clark...
  • Avatar for chrisvasco23
    i feel like driving at night
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Great song <3
  • Avatar for Mudvaynized
    One of the very few things that could make you proud of being from Sweden - The Knife, you are what the word 'awesome' comes from.
  • Avatar for tripouts
    whenever i listen to The Knife the only place i imagine myself into is a dark living room with only a tv turned on. in fact , most times i am too scared to listen to this song but it's good anyway
  • Avatar for GasolineTree
    this song gives me intense synesthesia, especially when karin sings "music tonight." I'm in my hometown at the moment, but with these words, it's impossible not to picture myself in a car, driving through downtown St. John's with the windows down, the general smell of exhaust, old buildings, and festivity filling my nose. seriously, i can almost smell it. i love the knife <3
  • Avatar for Renko-Kun
    music, tonight
  • Avatar for M00N81
  • Avatar for hyemale
    Thank you for Revolutionary Music and Lyrics - Deep Musical Respect
  • Avatar for freezep0px
    Sounds like it's building up to something... but restrains from exploding in dance music clichés. [2]
  • Avatar for lord0fdarkness
    Sounds like it's building up to something... but restrains from exploding in dance music clichés.
  • Avatar for music-o-maniac
    I just started to listening this and i'm playing it over and over again. [2] The same's with me. <3
  • Avatar for nuwahrmahn
    This song is seriously amazing.


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