• My Top 10 Albums of 2007

    11 Dec 2007, 23:08 by JJP666

    I know it's not quite the end of the year yet, but I've compiled a list of my ten favourite albums of 2007. After the staggering amount of phenomenally high-quality releases we witnessed in 2006 from the likes of Mastodon, All That Remains and Lamb Of God to name just three, we would have been forgiving for thinking that this year would be spent reliving past glories. However, 2007 was an unexpected triumph, with several excellent albums appearing from perhaps the unlikeliest of sources. Twelve months ago, few would have expected certain bands on my list to unleash a record that would warrant a place in an article such as this, and as my own musical taste has slightly altered in recent months, I personally would not have expected to see certain other acts mentioned here. So without further ado, here are my albums of the year. I've thought long and hard about this list, but if anyone disagrees other suggestions would be welcome.


  • "Slaughter" of the soul (Summer Slaughter review)

    9 Jun 2007, 22:52 by Woodshatter

    Mon 4 Jun – The Summer Slaughter Tour

    First and foremost, this is pretty lengthy. If you want me to sum it up in a shoutbox message, let me know.

    After a 5 and a half hour drive, one screwed up hotel booking incident, and getting lost twice trying to find a warehouse that was turned into a "club," I finally made it to Spartanburg, SC to catch the tour that was dubbed "the most extreme tour of the year": the Summer Slaughter tour. Upon arrival, there were two things I noticed: there was no real parking lot, and that there were no announcements of Necrophagist not being able to make the show (though it had been confirmed through various sources such as blabbermouth and smnnews). The venue made no effort to even tell people at any time that the headliners wouldn't be at the show. The only time we heard about it was from Travis Ryan of CD during their performance.

    Oh wait! There has to be an actual review of the show. My bad. …