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  • Avatar for moozinemusic
    One of the best songs ever.
  • Avatar for Druid66
    Such a whimsical, fun, cool song, just great stuff as always from these guys.
  • Avatar for jomabbs
    Takes me back to my childhood. I love the Kinks.
  • Avatar for jetgar
  • Avatar for sixtiestwice
    a key part of England's revolution; everybody loved the Kinks - memories eh?
  • Avatar for sixtiestwice
    ha I remember this bringing in the end of summer a U.K. summer, out came horrible big coats replacing our summer glad-rags
  • Avatar for Stilf
  • Avatar for archfiend997
    favourite kinks song, by far
  • Avatar for supersteveme
    Ray sang lead but he had the same accent so you should be ok
  • Avatar for BlueOclock
    I don't know, but I reckon I'll learn this song today, and go over to the local mall, and sing it, complete with Dave's accent, and see what happens, and if I make any money! It should be lots of fun, and I'll give you a full report....oh...November 31st of this year! Bye now!
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    Good tune..Might be me..Did John Sebastian lift the intro for "Welcome Back?"..Hmm
  • Avatar for egroh08
    so many interesting chord changes in this tune. I wish I was British so that I could claim this song as a part of my heritage
  • Avatar for LSBumblebee
    What would we do without the Davies brothers?
  • Avatar for bigbudge69
    Amazing !!
  • Avatar for escarabat94
  • Avatar for blacksnapper
    autumn armagnac. hilarious.
  • Avatar for surrendertoalex
    yes. Yes. YES!
  • Avatar for akjaffa
    This is my street, and I'm never gonna to leave it :)
  • Avatar for pinkpressthreat
    take this bloody awful video down someone
  • Avatar for steve__
    Great song.
  • Avatar for SubmarineYellow
  • Avatar for MoonFlower1o
    gosh love this song!!:))
  • Avatar for backtothelight
    whooOOOOAAAAHHHHH my poor rheumatic back~
  • Avatar for bionicted
    I left "Autumn Almanac" a shout. It felt good too.
  • Avatar for sas1983
    I like my football on a Saturday, Roast beef on sunday all right!!
  • Avatar for weallshineon__
    this song makes me want to skip through a field of rainbows and unicorns tbh.
  • Avatar for bigbudge69
  • Avatar for seiya42
    I like my football on a Saturday... [2]
  • Avatar for andrewirving
    grown on me so much, great song! :)
  • Avatar for r_m
    What a bittersweet masterpiece, one of the greatest songs of all time.
  • Avatar for hanstone
    Love the Kinks. Last night on the TV, I caught a rare video of Celluloid Heroes played live in Providence, RI in the seventies... The crowd was hilarious... Burnouts in flannel and jeans, bad hair, thick glasses, smoking up... Reminds of good times at concerts before the pat-downs and metal detectors.
  • Avatar for mrsongbird
    People get together ! Yes listen to the KINKS ! Ray Davies pops poet !
  • Avatar for lysaght
    From the dew-soaked hedge creeps a crawly caterpillar, When the dawn begins to crack. It's all part of my autumn almanac. Breeze blows leaves of a musty-coloured yellow, So I sweep them in my sack. Yes, yes, yes, it's my autumn almanac. You just don't get the quality of these lyrics anymore.
  • Avatar for mightymojoe
    oh la la la roast beef mashed potatoes and gravy
  • Avatar for Whiskey-Bar
    As usual great lyrics about British life. Also maybe three different tunes which are put perfectly together into one song.
  • Avatar for egroh08
    <3 roast beef on Sundays
  • Avatar for nur_giggi
    Ein Klassiker
  • Avatar for vana90
    love the kinks =)
  • Avatar for nsoares
    Today I sang this for my niece. hahaha sometimes this song sounds like a children's song, which is weird and cute at same time. Anyway, it's really brilliant, like you guys said.
  • Avatar for pogopatterson
    Beautifully crafted song with so much variety, particularly the middle eight. So much inventiveness, no two lines repeated.
  • Avatar for falcovtwin
    love it now, hated it at the time...
  • Avatar for MangoBongo
    I had this song in my head earlier. I know every word. It's late January.
  • Avatar for corky64
    Great track....<3
  • Avatar for Kareem7
    lalalalala, my autumn armagnac.
  • Avatar for surrendertoalex
    "come on home"
  • Avatar for Lowbacca
  • Avatar for mike_k_2k7
  • Avatar for mr_townshend
    my poor rheumatic back
  • Avatar for cliffb80
    The unique voice of Ray Davies taking me back to my youth......ahhhhhhhhhh such cool memories........fantastic !!
  • Avatar for Dunk_a_roos


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