• ...That's the way that you feel

    16 Apr 2007, 22:01 by ChrisE3

    This song is .....nothing compositively spectacular, but that's the beauty.
    One of the songs that you play when all the confusion in your head i just too much.
    In those moods it hits you....you sit very still as this melodic captivating riff....that sweeps you up and you find yourself concentrating on this tiny but perfectly formed peiece of music.

    The beautiful vocals. The slow-steady beat.

    That wonderful slide of fingers on nylons.
    Ain't nothing better.
    The hair on my neck danced a little.

    I take my ipod out so i can play it on repeat until it works it's magic and soothes my jagged heart and soul.

    This song is lovely, right down to the giggle.

    You knock on her door
    She don’t recognise your voice no more
    So she got on an aeroplane
    Na na na na na so long after
    Strip down from the fever
    Laid down in a hotel bed
    Wouldn’t take no phone calls at all
    Didn’t want no more voices in her head

    And that’s the way that you feel