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    he doesn't look a thing like jesus but he talks like a gentleman like you imagined when you were young
  • Avatar for NickWire77
    same goes for "human"
  • Avatar for NickWire77
    i used to think this band was a bunch of sellout retards. but this song is like important to an entire generation.....
  • Avatar for gotpsychedelic
    Essa música é muito foda.
  • Avatar for karianee
    the best song !!!
  • Avatar for GDAutumnMay
    You have to admit - American depictions of Jesus *are* pretty hot....
  • Avatar for segge
    the best on Sams Town
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  • Avatar for bhangraprincess
    this song never gets old
  • Avatar for blanckfield
    My favorite song by The Killers. [2]
  • Avatar for musicchestuko
    And sometimes you close your eyes and see the place where you used to live. :(
  • Avatar for 2ndPrimadonna
    why would he want to look like Jesus? I'm just saying.
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  • Avatar for RulezForAnarchy
    great track!
  • Avatar for wb7777
    I don't normally listen to music that is new...but when I do, I listen to The Killers.
  • Avatar for ChrisTeam
    This the one of the most played tracks of all time on See the full list here:
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    but more than you'll ever know
  • Avatar for RockstarTSU
    how anyone in their right mind can describe this song as horrible is beyond me [2] I never stopped loving this song *__*
  • Avatar for how2mine4fish
    I remember listening to this a few years ago when it first came out, thinking to myself, someday, you will look back and think of "when you were young". Who knew it would come so soon. :(
  • Avatar for hidoku
    simply beautiful!
  • Avatar for spacemonkey2977
    great band :)
  • Avatar for wellagainbrege
    nice tune
  • Avatar for anabelenana
    este tema de the killer es buenisimo!
  • Avatar for ultimuadios
    nice i like this
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  • Avatar for girlpuke
    So many memories with this song.
  • Avatar for TheGhostMutt
    It is indeed an epic song!
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    Live is even better! My fav by them. [2]
  • Avatar for ProgPro96
    My favorite song by The Killers.
  • Avatar for angelon23
    is ok
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    me gusta... ( :
  • Avatar for MintCrescent7
    best song ever
  • Avatar for matt1337c
    I really wish more of their music sounded like this. Perfect blend of synth pop and post-punk.
  • Avatar for Noegaga19
    Good song!
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  • Avatar for littlechuckiec
    Great song!
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    das einzig richtig,richtig gute ding von den jungs....
  • Avatar for beto-indie
    amo esta cancion
  • Avatar for querotepossuir
    Thanks, GH3
  • Avatar for Thonydef
    You sit there in your heart ache...
  • Avatar for demizat
    me gusta


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