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  • Avatar for OliverTho
  • Avatar for thais__
    Candy talks to strangers, thinks her life's in danger, no one gives a damn about her hair. LOVE!
  • Avatar for MickOutrageous
    best from day & age <3
  • Avatar for LiveIntensive
    this is not from hot fuss
  • Avatar for aslamsyed
    Killers - Hot Fuss, my top 5 records of all time
  • Avatar for Lihopp
  • Avatar for saraonfire
    ♥ :D!
  • Avatar for hijubs
  • Avatar for SvenBen83
    This feeling won't go <3
  • Avatar for yagi_chiefette
    fav the killers song ever :D
  • Avatar for diablos901
    Possibly the best thing the Killers have ever done.
  • Avatar for LiveIntensive
  • Avatar for Tkohr
    Woooo,108 Million Plays!!! Whats up? Nice Song
  • Avatar for Andresfac383
    love it
  • Avatar for pollyyander
    OMJ I LUV THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!.......yeah...
  • Avatar for DadduDoll
    Awesome..Makes me feel good.. "The sky is fullf dreams" <33 it
  • Avatar for The-Youngblood
    "The sky is full of dreams, but you don't know how to fly. I do not have a simple answer, but I know that I can answer..."
  • Avatar for alcohollie
    this feeling wont go
  • Avatar for dh4645
    never heard this one from the killers.
  • Avatar for JoyceMendes
    beautiful song ♥
  • Avatar for KookiesAna
    Yeah, great. <3
  • Avatar for thais__
    and the sky is full of dreams but you don't know how to fly <3
  • Avatar for boy_in_the_well
    I love this one. Makes me happy inside <3
  • Avatar for xoyolanda
    No one gives a damn about her hair ♥
  • Avatar for Stinger248
    Delightful song
  • Avatar for roxanabecerra
  • Avatar for Andreanne_L
    Lion King !!!!! :D
  • Avatar for toto47
    cooler Track
  • Avatar for lari_oasis
  • Avatar for efwizkid
    I LOVE the intro! Though the tempo throws me off.
  • Avatar for funkydory89
    waaaaiiiit for something better, noone behind you, watching your shadows; this feeling won't gooooo
  • Avatar for jotone2
    Love the song - HATE the intro!
  • Avatar for szyger
    The intro always reminds me of Lion King :]
  • Avatar for peacerieke
  • Avatar for LpSmith91
    i think that this is one of their best.
  • Avatar for marshamellowy
    I love this song!
  • Avatar for poopeater77
    i ate nutella on a thick crape, and now im on the toilet, on my computer, pooping, twelve minutes ago, but i feel like throwing up! that song is THAT good
  • Avatar for mrflatfoot
    it sounds awesome))) i like it a lot))
  • Avatar for iNeedYouu
    best performers!!
  • Avatar for winnizerl
    das ist es...
  • Avatar for ja_eidolon
    i jst rely luv this track
  • Avatar for Pedro_Geller
    i love it and i have no idea why! It's just awesome :D
  • Avatar for SeotrisII
  • Avatar for ja_eidolon
  • Avatar for szejper
    so eighties , like it.
  • Avatar for caioamorozini
    Waaaaaaaaait for something betteeeeeeeer! ♪♫ *----*
  • Avatar for metamorfysya
  • Avatar for LiveIntensive
    ohooheyho ohooheyho ohooheyho ohooheyho ohooheyho ohooheyho ohooheyho ohooheyho :-)))
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  • Avatar for opapaulo
    The live version is so damn good <3


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