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  • Avatar for headgear56
    Great song to drive to.
  • Avatar for Dana308
    love this song <3
  • Avatar for Digamurilex
    Melhor música deles <3
  • Avatar for PlotniKK
    Reminds me of summer
  • Avatar for EvermoreRocks
    my fave killer song and still is <3
  • Avatar for kah-nayt
    Very fucking good.
  • Avatar for DanDy57
    This was my favourite song ever about 5/6 years ago. Still sounds pretty good now.
  • Avatar for faffox
  • Avatar for DamnDeuce
    Cause I don't need to satisfy ....
  • Avatar for gabystarlight
  • Avatar for Cresentblue
    I was listening to this... And my boyfriend walked in to me dancing to it, in which he joined in with a classic twist dance. It was awesome. :-)
  • Avatar for alaNBrait
  • Avatar for GreenAce24
    The rhythm of this song is amazing. I love everything about it :D
  • Avatar for robby95
    this is absolutly top.
  • Avatar for FuckThemBitches
    The intro of this is AMAZING!
  • Avatar for worldfallsdown
    I'm transported to a warm summer night in 2004 anytime I hear this. [2] just what i came here to say :D
  • Avatar for ILoveMuse-ic
  • Avatar for helder_ribeiro
    Their best song <3
  • Avatar for Trevour
    I'm transported to a warm summer night in 2004 anytime I hear this.
  • Avatar for pedrogremio
    It's like a cigarette in the mouth Or a handshake in the doorway I look at you and smile because I'm fine
  • Avatar for Modest_Hamster
    'Killer' song! Definitely their best!
  • Avatar for Ghost_Buster
    The Velvet Sun it shines on me and you <3
  • Avatar for Digamurilex
    Melhor música do CD *OO*
  • Avatar for H_Luis
    Nice music! I like...
  • Avatar for Carol_Miranda
    it's just a shimmy and a shake. i can't fake, we're on top
  • Avatar for shortstuff_
    I look at you and smile because I'm fine,
  • Avatar for jaygsuarez
    Great song. Better album!
  • Avatar for heljons
  • Avatar for L0rina
    it´s like a cigarette in the mouth :P
  • Avatar for Florauna
    Тема отличная
  • Avatar for ksadavid
    good 2listen
  • Avatar for MantaWave
    I don't understand most remakes. :l
  • Avatar for KillersNastya
    И всё равно лучший альбом Hot Fuss
  • Avatar for candi_is_dandi
    hot fuss = hot stuff!
  • Avatar for princess0purple
    i absolutely love this song, fav from the album
  • Avatar for maxims_atif
    I am so glad I discovered this song! ABSoluteLy AMaZing !! =)
  • Avatar for haigh21
    This isn't the album version?
  • Avatar for marlene_m23
    hot fuss the best album!!
  • Avatar for SomeSayISay
    yum yum yum
  • Avatar for piktorouge
    which version is this!?
  • Avatar for alanok
    my brother loves this song. and so do i. hot fuzz is the shiz!
  • Avatar for luisgoal4
    Awesome song !!
  • Avatar for brad450
  • Avatar for DustinDJ
    kool song
  • Avatar for MizzDi
    I ❤ The Killers.
  • Avatar for gungh0
  • Avatar for skydivingwizard
    it's just a shimmy and a shake, i can't fake, we're on top!
  • Avatar for ayhayimjas
  • Avatar for Maniro
  • Avatar for jvals
    just ate eggFooYoung to this song. benevolent.


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