• let's steal..

    16 Dec 2005, 02:06 by botan-chan

    Hey, I started to steal cds of my friends, well, borrow... I will return them, guys..hehe.. eventualy..
    So, the first one is from a new band called The Killers. Well, everybody probably have listenned the track Somebody Told Me. Now, it's not my favorite, in fact, the two tracks that stucked in the back of my head for days were Mr. Brightside and Smile Like You Mean It. It's strange how a music can get into you. When I started to get very depressed singing "looking back at sunsets on the Eastside/We lost track of the time/Dreams aren't what they used to be/Some things sat by so carelessly/Smile like you mean it". I went to the second, Synchronicity. Man, how boring a shit can be. Ok, sorry the fans, I like Sting too, but come on, all the tracks look so the same. The lyrics are good, I liked some of them, but the sound.. oh, God, is so boring. But, I listen till the end, like a good girl, just to say to my friend that I listened his whole Cd.
  • God's kitchen

    17 Oct 2005, 16:16 by schtef

    whelp, my first rave. probably wouldn't have gone to it if i wasn't dating dan but can't say i didn't enjoy myself.

    #1. fucked up people are so funny.

    they come in all forms; different sizes, shapes and reactions. it's kinda impolite to stare but i figure they're so fucked they probably wouldn't notice.

    #2. all was new and exciting.

    completely different vibe from a mosh pit, which is to be expected, but somehow i didn't get it until i was in it. much more chilled and people like their personal space (hurrah), as opposed to being crushed in a mosh-pit. Though i still have to say i'm a moshing kinda girl - there's nothing like knowing that there's no difference between your sweat and the sweat of the several hundred people. there's this feeling of closeness; a massive, unified, single entity - you just can't compare it. all there for the music and the passion (ooh, that's so corny it hurts!). and when you're short and can't touch the ground there's the feeling of being carried (literally!) which is a freaky trust thing. …
  • The Killers @ Jones Beach, Wantagh NY, Sept. 30 2005

    1 Oct 2005, 14:34 by GuitarManARS

    Saw The Killers tonight at Jones Beach on Wantagh, Long Island. Just one town over from me and a very pleasant venue. Sitting out there, clear night under the stars, right on top of the water with the sea breeze blowing across, it was cold but just so lovely. This band called British Sea Power opened. I was actually pleasantly surprised; the other opening bands I've seen before (including French Toast and Queens of the Stone Age opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and then The Adolescents opening for Weezer and the Chili Peppers again) have all been absolutely terrible, but these guys...well, I actually rather enjoyed their show. Maybe I'll pick up an album of theirs, who knows.

    Anyway, the Killers' setlist from tonight was as follows:

    Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
    On Top
    Somebody Told Me
    Midnight Show
    Believe Me Natalie
    Change Your Mind
    Under the Gun
    Smile Like You Mean It
    Andy, You're a Star
    Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll
    Mr. Brightside

  • It's Happened

    29 Aug 2005, 19:40 by brenkelieshere

    Well, a few months ago when everybody was listening to Mr. Brightside, I didn't want to admit that I liked the song, or the band. Then All These Things That I've Done came along, and I started to get curious. Still, I didn't let the temptation give in... until now. Hot Fuss is, admittedly, a good album. Plus, they do a cover of Morrissey's, Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself. Any band that likes Morrissey/The Smiths is good enough for me.

    I've also been listening to large amounts of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, mostly Murder Ballads, but No More Shall We Part as well. His music took a little while for me to warm up to, but now I can't get enough.

    Honourable mentions include PJ Harvey, Spoon, and XTC.

    (Hey, don't you think it would be great if, when putting a song in an entry, that you didn't have to put the artist name as well? Or, at least, not have to show the artist? It gets pretty repetitive...)