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  • Avatar for LittleZooey
  • Avatar for fractalgr_ay
    No new album coming anymore?
  • Avatar for KillYourselff
    Провожу бессонные ночи под них.
  • Avatar for Empyrean_Sun
    For those interested in dark jazz you may like
  • Avatar for Ghoulliver
    Arkandast, а ты думал, у тебя башка от прослушивания отвалится, или что
  • Avatar for savealekos
    They split up. Jason Kohnen has this new project
  • Avatar for hasanziya
    so, band members have other projects? or they disappear off the face of earth for good
  • Avatar for Arkandast
    Этот проект конечно получше, чем тот, который "Doomjazz", но всё равно для меня эффекта никакого не принесло.
  • Avatar for lsteamer
    I'll be sure to buy him a Beer next time I'm in Berlin.
  • Avatar for garynotrashcoug
    They split up??? What the God damn fuck?!?!
  • Avatar for tfaaon
    yes the head of ad Noiseam is a nice guy !
  • Avatar for lsteamer
    Actually I just did the most obvious straightforward thing. I contacted Ad Noiseam, they had one laying around.
  • Avatar for bazzo-182
    Here Be Dragons needs more love. Undoubtedly their magnum opus.
  • Avatar for jeszczeniekot
  • Avatar for jamesusillxd
    Have featured a couple of Dark Jazz / Doom Jazz tracks in my [url=] playlist of Lynchian music. [/url] (considering that most if it sounds straight out of one of his films). Among the tracks chosen I've included 'Horns of King David' from The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Esemble.
  • Avatar for sssssssev
    How many cocks did you have to suck to get it?
  • Avatar for lsteamer
  • Avatar for tothecastle
    come back pls <3
  • Avatar for nerjal
    Can't believe they split. One of my fav groups =(
  • Avatar for 40belowsummer
    Are you a sucker for long band names that have at least 30 letters? Are you searching for long band names without genre restrictions? Do you know a band which band name is long enough and has at least 25 listeners? Then I welcome you to our new group [url=]Collective of longest band names ever[/url] and please share your recommended artists with us! Thank you!
  • Avatar for sykeshaunak
    Adaptation of saint vitus' Patra is otherworldly.
  • Avatar for lsteamer
    If someone has the Mutations LP in good quality, and it's interested in selling it. Fuck, I'll suck some cocks or pussy. Hell, I'll eat pussy for free.
  • Avatar for sssssssev
    I hope so, never got to see them live. Would love to see a reunion with the addition of a live drummer some day.
  • Avatar for Blaine_The_Mono
    They were incredible live. Glad I've heard them before break-up. They may reunion one day, though.
  • Avatar for Sylarheart
    Happy about my new discover of 2015 (: Sad about the Split ):
  • Avatar for ShivKite
    Hopefully they have a reunion in a couple of years - sad news about the split
  • Avatar for noblesoldiers
  • Avatar for sssssssev
    Such a shame that it's over for this band, all their albums are amazing, and in their own distinct ways.
  • Avatar for Georg_Bonk
    Еще той осенью жопой чуял, что сообщения о распаде имеют под собой фундамент, так и оказалосЬ. Не слышал в живу, чёрт.
  • Avatar for loulou311
    Tried to get into these guys a while ago and failed miserably.... Now when they announce they've split I fall in love with their stuff.... Damn, such an amazing sonic journey
  • Avatar for Helawolf
    Darn! So much for wishing to see them live. USA sucks at attracting good bands. :-(
  • Avatar for HaloMarooned
    Великолепная группа. Lobby однозначно решает.
  • Avatar for lsteamer
    Who has the Mutations Vinyl and is interested in selling it? Sexual Favors can be included in the transaction.
  • Avatar for BebopBeatnik
    They've split!?!??! Damnit, that's a shame. :(
  • Avatar for tothecastle
    Re-ripping all my cds in lossless when I arrive to From The Stairwell and decide to visit this page, only to learn that they've split! Such a shame. I really enjoyed their performance in London a few years ago. I suppose this signifies the end of Mt. Fuji as well?
  • Avatar for JamesLebowski
    Will do that, but that's (the split up) still a damn shame. :/
  • Avatar for obey_now
    The thing with five eyes is absolutely worth checking out!
  • Avatar for DrMcCoy
    What, split up? :(
  • Avatar for FiveEyesThing TKDE's founding member Jason Kohnen's new project 'THE THING WITH FIVE EYES'.
  • Avatar for lsteamer
    Fuck. I'll be crying naked in the corner.
  • Avatar for obey_now
    According to their label TKDE is split up.
  • Avatar for HornDrum
    where can i find here be dragons? it seems that there is no way to get a physical copy in germany :-O
  • Avatar for Kumanosuke
    So (according to Charlotte Cegarra) they are taking a break and won't have any gigs soon. They plan re-releases of their albums, but no new material. Hilary Jeffrey and Gideon Kiers + guests are starting a new project:
  • Avatar for sssssssev
    It's been three years, time for another full-length? Please?
  • Avatar for JamesLebowski
    Yeah well. Three albums and one EP. Might call that three and a half then. (I personally loved Mutations at first but it was only a hint at the greatness of Here Be Dragons)
  • Avatar for lsteamer
    Three and a half. Mutations is a fucking masterpiece. And I sure as fuck hope not.
  • Avatar for JamesLebowski
    So is the TKDE still a thing with their profiles on bandcamp and such vanishing, or are three great albums all we got? Goddamnit I hope they reappear.
  • Avatar for mrbigfatgiant
    so fuckin' great !!!
  • Avatar for sykeshaunak
    this is awesome!!!
  • Avatar for SnSnSH
    @ Post-listener.... your name says it all.. Please leave


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