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  • Really wish I could find their first self titled EP. [2] everyone sees the internet as magically infinite but its really restricted to whether people are dedicated enough to post what they have.
  • Really wish I could find their first self titled EP.
  • you guys tease. why don't you make some music?
  • such wonderful memories attached to this band. [2]
  • Hi! We are My Last Words. A Pop punk / Hardcore band from Valencia (Spain) And you can hear our brand new Ep here: Hope you like it! :D
  • such wonderful memories attached to this band.
  • remind me why i ever stopped listening to them..
  • band never got old. still love all of their music. if only they could reform [2]
  • Relistening to this band since high school... bought all their CDs again... one of the best bands ever!
  • oh my god i miss this. this is so 7th grade. :'(
  • this band was too awesome
  • god what a fantastic band. i drove across five states to see their reunion show, and i would gladly do so again.
  • sweet jesus i miss them
  • man i miss these guys so much. i hope there more than just the reunion they had last year. it's crazy how underrated they were...
  • does anyone have there first ep up on mediafire or someting?
  • come back. wide eyed is still one of my favorite albums
  • Do You Mind? is one of my favorite songs ever, such an underrated band. [2]
  • Do You Mind? is one of my favorite songs ever, such an underrated band.
  • Get Comforatable is one of my all time favorite songs, I haven't listened to this band since 7th grade, time to start again
  • good
  • “Introduction To The Faint Remembrance Of A Dead And Dying Dream”, “The Sky!”, “I’m Home, Hooray”, "Try To Define”, “Everyone’s Got Something They’re Running Out Of”, “Wunderdrug”, “Ohio (And The 178 Meter Dash To Indiana)”, “I Went Blind”, “Anti-Climactic”, “Mad For Medusa”, “The Greatest”, “Get Comfortable”, Encore: “Saltwater Fountain”, “Don’t Forget To Set The House On Fire Before You Crawl Into Bed At Night (House Fire)” <---their reunion show setlist from was sooo intense, one of their best shows hands down
  • with some tbs thrown in too
  • this kinda reminds me of them
  • I booked a show with these guys in 05 I believe at the Wheaton Grand Theatre. They were super nice dudes.
  • I misssss theeeem.
  • Never got a chance to see this band :(
  • American Football..
  • i really miss these guys!!!...
  • When I went to see Madina Lake, after the show there was a guy from My American Heart selling CDs and T-shirts, but also giving out bags which included 2 Junior Varsity albums and 1 Silverstein album! Awesome :D
  • man I loved "Paper Thin" and "Wading Pool (Turned Red)" <---the 1st two songs that got me into this band back in 2002
  • listening and omg this is awesome!! <3 [loving]
  • God I miss them like a bitch.
  • I miss these guys a LOT.
  • haha nice got one of the 200 pressings of the 1st edition "Great Compromise" that they only sold at their CD release show in 2003 @ The VFW in Jacksonville,IL in November of 2003 that was originally just burnt CDs because they had such a low budget? OR do you mean the 1st re-issue of the Great Compromise that they released on January 1st,2004.....haha I love that these guys came from my hometown and that I got to see them more than any band ever, I was at a CD release show for their ep, Great Compromise, Wide-Eyed, and Cinematographic....they always put on an amazing show, sucks they bit the dust
  • update for you slow kids: Asa is in a band called Whats Fair Sergio Chris and Asa moved into a house together in Bloomington and have been writing music together with plans of playing some local shows and possibly putting out some albums. Andy is full-time guitar player and keyboardist for the Dear Hunter Nick works at Hollister and the Pasta house in springfi
  • i was partying with these guys when they were playing in in crappy little town back in 2003. i 've got a copy of the original pressing of the Great Compromise Damn those were the days.
  • such a fantastic band. i wish i found them sooner.
  • Today is their farewell show :(
  • sucks they're breaking up. I can't see them. Too far away [so much for living in one of the biggest states in the country -_- ]. Never seen them live. I'ma sob the day of their last show. I love St. Louis. x]
  • that sucks they broke up. I bought all three of their cds and they're all great. i saw them at warped tour 06, which was awesome. they seemed like nice guys
  • So slow on the uptake. Only just found out about Asa leaving and the band pretty much breaking up. I'm really quite saddened =[
  • They were my first local show too. In like, 04 though.
  • Seriously!? Awman.
  • asa really left?
  • cinematographic is a frickin good album
  • The Greatest is, well, the greatest song on the new album.
  • pretty damn good.... just discovered them
  • I don't know if I should buy it now or wait until the show on the 22nd and get it for $5. Because I am getting pretty anxious.
  • new album is pretty hot.


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