• The John Butler Trio at the High Falls Brewery- 8/10/08

    12 Aug 2008, 15:12 by mikeweeney

    Yes, you read right, I saw the John Butler Trio in the middle of the High Falls Brewing Company in Rochester, home of the infamously shitty beer Genny Light. I had driven by the brewery earlier in the day to try to figure out where the concert was going to be, and all I saw were industrial buildings and trucks. I had no clue what they were going to do, so I just trusted that it would be ok and went home.

    We showed up a half hour early and parked in their parking lot. We were led inbetween some buildings, under rows of pipes, and came out in this open square in the middle of the complex. The concert was in a large parking lot/loading area, surrounded by buildings and complete with massive, 4 story tanks of beer behind the stage. It was definitely the oddest place I've ever seen a show.

    Luckily, since it was at a brewery I was able to drink some Genny Cream Ale, which isn't half bad, especially from a tap. The opener was Tristan Prettyman, who was alright, I guess, if that's your thing. …
  • A brand new day, sunrise over sea

    27 Aug 2007, 13:28 by colourofsleep

    Fri 24 Aug – The John Butler Trio, Josh Pyke

    Well, I was definitely looking forward to catching the amazing John Butler and Trio for the fourth time, because before I'd only seen them at festivals. Our little group arrived a bit late, Josh Pyke was already on but in between the trip to the merch desk and toilet (we'd already got on the beer haha) I did manage to catch bits and pieces of Beg Your Pardon, Sew My Name, Private Education, Vibrations In Air (which is easily my favourite track) and he finished, of course, with Middle Of The Hill. Then I had to battle my way across the crowd to meet the rest of the group, did that with relative ease, then we settled back to enjoy a fantastic set. Was expecting a magic evening and came away not disappointed. The set mostly focused on his new album Grand National but did include a few old faves like Company Sin, a surprise but a welcome surprise with John Butler number Valley, the usual brilliance of Ocean and finally the main set closed with Zebra and Good Excuse
  • Pre-Race

    10 Dec 2006, 22:23 by gbjxc