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The Jesus Lizard




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  • I agree with everyone (including myself from six years ago!) that this is underrated as hell. In fact, not only is it underrated, it's also among their very best albums. This is one of David Yow's best performances, employing a wide variety of vocal tricks to keep things fresh, the guitar is as good as ever (except Goat; Duane has never been better than he was on that record, and the Surf Rock element that he brought to it was just beautiful) and the rhythm section in particular shines. It could do with a slight amount of editing, but overall it's a really great album with some interesting new influences present; in particular I think there's a Jazz influence present here (see "Trephination," a great track). I wish the band had been a bit more exploratory and experimental on Blue (and in general throughout their career).
  • extremely underrated, this is one of the greatest albums of the 90's hands down!
  • When I first started getting into this band, I had heard Goat and Liar first and really didn't know what to think. I didn't take to either of them right away. Shot was like a lightswitch, it immediately clicked and suddenly the rest of their music made a whole lot more sense to me. Funny how just the right album can do that. Love it.
  • The clean production shows all their nastiness. Anyone can play dirty, but they managed to play clean and yet remain oh so filthy. Plus, it has more funk than any other "rock" record out there in the whole wide fucking world.
  • definitely underrated !
  • It might not be Liar or Goat, but Shot has some really great songs. The loud bass is a welcome addition. [2]
  • It might not be Liar or Goat, but Shot has some really great songs. The loud bass is a welcome addition.
  • "Oh no, Steve Albini didn't 'engineer' this one! It's on a major label! Ahhhhhh!" Underrated.
  • I hated their middle albums, especially Down, but Blue, Shot, and the early works Pure and Head would be my best four.
  • This album is freakishly underrated. I'd rank it only below Goat. And I honestly don't think the cleaner production affects their sound that much.

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