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The Jesus Lizard is an American band formed in 1987 in Austin, Texas, United States. They are "a leading band in the American independent underground…(who) turned out a series of independent records filled with scathing, disembowelling, guitar-driven pseudo-industrial noise, all of which received positive reviews in underground music publications and heavy college-radio play."

After a brief run as a recording-only project based in Austin, founding vocalist David Yow, bassist David Wm. Sims and guitarist… read more

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  • This band is basically what would happen if Swans and Unwound had a baby that just isn't as good as either band.
  • I have to admit, I was a bit frightened and confused by them at first, but I really have come to love these guys. Terrific, brutal, but often complex and tricky music.
  • Noise rock is a vast genre, there are "strains" or sub-sub-genres within it that sound very different, consider that in the early '80s Flipper, Sonic Youth & Swans were all grouped as noise rock bands and they were linked by very few musical elements.
  • Especially the early stuff (Pure, Head) definitely fits comfortably under the Noise Rock heading.
  • Brainbombs aren't really a good comparison - They're more like Garage rock and they intended to combine the industrial/power electronics (ala Whitehouse) with a standard rock band format. Most Noise Rock doesn't sound like Brainbombs at all. Noise rock is the combination of standard rock structures with heavy dissonance, feedback and distortion, and Jesus Lizard has pretty much all of those things.
  • so angular - they're just hard to replace.
  • @brandnewshoe if you don't know that by now you will never ever know it
  • Post-Hardcore would be a better definition
  • I dont really see how this band is noise rock but maybe noise rock is defined differently than noise itself. This band is very good, I just don't see what about them is "noise" or related too it - compared to a group like Brainbombs they don't really make much of a racket and their playing is skilled and coordinated rather than sloppy and noisy. I'd say Alternative rock would work better since Alt Rock as a genre has more scope in what it can refer too, and thus can be applied to many different types of rock.
  • your first mistake was to think you could fuck with the ranch

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