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  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
    The butter and I want a bath in my ear plugs in mouldy bread from a Chinese restaurant on the kindle fire and the control plays with the Meditation Opera shown that was a summer baby and there's a toy car and she is feeling that
  • Avatar for LCDnewOrder
    Well I have a microphone and you don't. SO YOU WILL LISTEN TO EVERY WORD I HAVE TO SAY!
  • Avatar for greenvillepa
    My two masters have been together since 1988. Thats a long time !
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    HAAAA! HAAAA! One thing for sure! Love stinks! HAAAA! HAAAA! It is good when it is good! But when it is not right you just have to let go! :-) Next! HAAA! HAAA!
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    HAAAA! HAAAA! One thing for sure! Love stinks! HAAAA! HAAAA! It is good when it is good! But when it is not right you just have to let go! :-) Next! HAAA! HAAA!
  • Avatar for midliferickman
    Love stinks. Love smells. Therefore, you give love a pungent odor.
  • Avatar for Eye_Gore
    Jumping blues based Geils >>>> commercial poppy Geils
  • Avatar for xtwntraphq
    I wonder if Joe Walsh had anything to do with this tune. Hmmmm !
  • Avatar for GemRoux
    Why does loving this song seem inappropriate?
  • Avatar for wmrjmr1957
    I am a blues harp player at heart, but i love playing Geils tunes a lot
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    Great tune..hadn't seen the video in lmfao!!!
  • Avatar for INathan007
    If you liked this song, check out my playlist where this and other awesome songs are featuring, ordered by similarity:!/playlist/Greatest+Hits+Of+All+Time/69677150 *I recommend to use with Grooveshark Scrobbler (, to import listened songs back to* Recommended similar songs for this track: Boston - More than a feeling, Billy Ocean - Get out of my dreams, REO Speedwagon - Roll with the changes
  • Avatar for EVHrulez
    J. Geils band---ICONIC BAND in my life. I remember listening to the Freeze Frame album and jamming the song--Piss on the Wall--lol---great tune!
  • Avatar for giggleloop1
    The hell it does!! Cool tune though:O)
  • Avatar for Heyna64
    Großartiger Song
  • Avatar for SmokedGhouda
    By far their best song!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Pfaelzerwald
    will you marry me mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuh!
  • Avatar for MikesDmusic
    My favorite wedding song!
  • Avatar for SmokedGhouda
    Awesome song
  • Avatar for nitehawk868
    Great tune...and funny ass video!!!!!
  • Avatar for GreggWH
    It can.
  • Avatar for Used2ThePain
  • Avatar for rikrijean
    YEAH......GREAT SONG.........
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    Yeah! Love Stinks, Guess what, u just to have to find the right person! I know he is really out there! :-)
  • Avatar for r-iman
    i want to play my drums with dead fish as drum sticks LOL great video
  • Avatar for radicaledward1
    I want this to play on Valentine's Day, just for the laughs!
  • Avatar for r-iman
    yes it does!!!!!
  • Avatar for toiletpooper7
    funny music video
  • Avatar for zacry
    An old favorite. What great fun!
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    Spank! Love Stinks! No not really! you just need to pick wisely!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for blaircramer
    Unrequited love is the worst.
  • Avatar for ibstrokin
    Fucking RAD song!
  • Avatar for Dale_0607
    Great song. Also love the Adam Sandler Cover :P
  • Avatar for greenvillepa
    good song !!
  • Avatar for JOEDOG1369
    hell ya
  • Avatar for JOEDOG1369
    your pussy stinks,ya-ya
  • Avatar for tipper42
    Great sing along song!
  • Avatar for Marmot14
    Great song to make love to! LOL
  • Avatar for wyzguy6131
    I love "The Wedding Singer" version too!
  • Avatar for JR1391
    time 4 a brew on this one///what is luv anyway
  • Avatar for marcy50
    Only when it goes bad and wrong...Get away! Life is too short!
  • Avatar for HannahWN112
    This song is so true... love does stink!
  • Avatar for yiott
    love is decayed reason
  • Avatar for TawaranoTodha
    Great song, it plainly, all be it bluntly states what we all know lol
  • Avatar for LJV3081
    you love her, but she loves him, & he loves somebody else, you just can't win.
  • Avatar for WholeLotOfRosie
    Yep! But we want it anyway! Insanity defined. :)
  • Avatar for PghDwayne
    You just can't hide!
  • Avatar for strungouttobee
    Remember 8-tracks--> Cassettes-->> panasonic boom boxes.....Yeah...
  • Avatar for Sittingmanni
  • Avatar for nannel
    Welch wahres Wort :) und macht immer wieder gute Laune...


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