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The Importance of Birds (Birds to his mates) is an eccentric Billionaire much in the league of Richard Branson . On the 17th of May 2010 Birds decided to attend the Chalk Hotel Bachelor Auction. The auction particulars was that the highest bidder would win the services of a “Bachelor” for a night. The winner could do what ever they desired with him. Not that Birds is gay, he just wanted to see the competition out there. As the auction went on Birds came to the realisation he had nothing to worry about. Then, all of a sudden, a surprise listing was announced. Emperor Joewl Levis was up for bids. The excitement hit Birds in the face like a bucket of cold water, he did not have to check his pocket to know that his “Curly Wurly” had melted. For birds knew he was the richest man at the auction and that tonight, Joewl would be his.

Birds had never met Joewl in person but Joewl knew of him from his exploits on the battlefield. Birds was a veteran commander of the Irish Brigade which rose to much fame for their actions on the right flank at the Battle Of Tarnez. It was here that Birds ordered the Brigade to throw down their weapons and link arms and start the River Dance charge. They hit the Rag Doll lines with a ferocity of a tiger and with their River Dance technique ran right other what was the core of the Rag Doll defence trampling them to Death. This caused the entire Rag Doll right to collapse and route. There are many more actions to speak of but it was the battle on Planet Trier were Birds military career would come to an end. During a diversionary assault birds had his toe nails shot off by a burst of machine gun fire. For many years after this incident he trained the River Dance instructors of the Irish Brigade and his legacy is past down through the ranks.

There was no doubt that Birds would win Joewl Levis at the auction and he claimed his prize. But what would he use Joewl for. Well, Birds like so many other Eart Man was a huge fan of Joewl’s singing talents, and in this night of passion they recorded the first “Importance Of Birds with Joewl Levis” album that is here now for you to enjoy. After hearing this I am sure that many of you will wait with baited breath for the follow up release. Enjoy it Eartlings‘, after all what else can you do with it?

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