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  • Avatar for Seb_Reflex
    Wow, amazing I never heard of this band before, all of their songs is a hit, so good!!!!
  • Avatar for ifhgsfj
    Picked up the reissue of The Birthday Party the other day. Great.
  • Avatar for Graphirus
    Been listening to the Idle Race since 1996, year when I got the excellent compilation Back To The Story. Amazing band, amazing music.
  • Avatar for ElectricSoul921
    listening to their 2nd album, and its GREAT!
  • Avatar for roldki
    i like them way better than ELO.
  • Avatar for ashleyrobb
    here we go round the lemon tree
  • Avatar for 25thCentQuaker
    a perfect Psych-pop ditty!
  • Avatar for herkyjerky
    LOL @ "cult rock band". Kind of a ridiculous epithet for a band that was absolutely most truly "second only to the beatles". Back around 2005 I spent like a year or two listening to this band constantly... so massive! A zillion times better than anything by the quite respectable ELO and a million times better than the mighty awesome Move! And the third album without Lynne isn't as great, but it's still a killer album with a handful of superb songs and only one or two slightly weak cuts. Lynne was mega-brilliant, but Dave Pritchard is totally underrated. A few of the best cuts on the first two albums were actually written by him and his voice was great too!
  • Avatar for Lizzardkinglier
    idle race and the move are both great.
  • Avatar for Damaramu
    I really don't care for the non-Jeff Lynne Idle Race songs. (@_@)
  • Avatar for ElectricSoul921
    Amazing. can listen the them all day.
  • Avatar for GrandWaz0o
    "the idle race is better than the move." oh no...
  • Avatar for ashleyrobb
    the idle race is better than the move.
  • Avatar for FrankenKittie
  • Avatar for jethrotullfan
    the_flava and tomkash, you're both idiots. This band is one of the great lost psychedelic pop bands of the 60's.
  • Avatar for cat-dentures
    vote up the other two pictures. the current main picture is too dark!
  • Avatar for ashleyrobb
    here we go round the lemon treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Avatar for Rinoosi
    Morning Sunshine
  • Avatar for duulirium
  • Avatar for ElectricSoul921
    Days of the Broken Arrows is a stone cold Classic! There goes that little girl again....
  • Avatar for ElectricSoul921
    Their album "Birthday Party" is a treasure!
  • Avatar for oasis67
    please yuka come back!!! dont take all from me! dont disappear...i beg you i beg you
  • Avatar for le_dzedaj
    awesome band :D their music always breaks another dimension in my mind :)
  • Avatar for xyxyxyxyxyxy
    pretty good
  • Avatar for Deltix
    What a great Band with unbelievable good Music
  • Avatar for chrisibbo
    what a band brill!
  • Avatar for Jharod
    Nah, not better than ELO of course :) Still amazing!
  • Avatar for Jharod
    they're wonderful, I'd say! Much better than THe Move and arguably better than ELO
  • Avatar for ElectricSoul921
    Wait til the mornin' sunshine Seems like the world is late, for I can't wait For sunshine in the morning :-)
  • Avatar for KassandraRock
    I'm sitting in my tree too))
  • Avatar for athaiya
    great band!
  • Avatar for the_flava
    too airy fairy... and shite
  • Avatar for Muzikology
    dancing flower!
  • Avatar for maryepworth
    I agree, this song just makes me swoon.
  • Avatar for ElectricSoul921
    Just discovered them, and they are great. Morning Sunshine is so good.
  • Avatar for Aqueronte
    So fucking good.
  • Avatar for ElBandido
    Do you really think so, now?
  • Avatar for shazrazzamatazz
    It's all about Lucky Man :)
  • Avatar for TC32
    Mr. Crow And Sir Norman is their best song...should definitely have more plays than that
  • Avatar for ScottPierson
    My mother says she will break up all my toys and she'll say that I'm not her son...
  • Avatar for ScottPierson
    It's a shame more people don't know about Idle Race! Awesome!
  • Avatar for MagicDave
    Hard luck if you didn't sell your CD copy of 'Back To The Story' for 250 dollars -- it's back on general release...

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