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  • Avatar for Carneiro_
    I remember!
  • Avatar for kaydeelady
    The hopeless moment when one of most unique sounding bands break up.
  • Avatar for aiza2156
    Oh my gosh. I love her vocals in this song. I wish I could sing like her, but sadly, I'm more of an instrument playing person, not a singer.
  • Avatar for lizzzzimarie
    I love The Hush Sound. I learned how to play Eileen on the piano.
  • Avatar for Scottmanerson
    Is this the only song by THS plays? I must have heard it ten times thus far and I haven't heard Wine Red once.
  • Avatar for AgentICHTUS
    love her voice, this band needs more recognition. i really wanna learn this on the piano :)
  • Avatar for celesteintheend
    i feel bad for this band being on fbr. fbr sucks.
  • Avatar for RandallBoggs
    this song gets played oftly for a band called the hush sound.
  • Avatar for juliafulbright
    agreeing with everyone here, love this track, but others are equally as, if not more, impressive. i miss these guys so much.
  • Avatar for jbailz
    Love them
  • Avatar for hushsoundislove
    I love this song so much. It will always hold a special place in my heart as being one of the first hush sound songs I ever heard.
  • Avatar for MistaApocalypse
    I'm impressed .. good song.
  • Avatar for omgpewpewlasers
    Very unique - love it.
  • Avatar for notnicoletaylor
    This band gets too much crap for having been on Fueled By Ramen. Goodbye Blues was a fantastic album.
  • Avatar for gingerrcake
    Lovely song, her voice is beautiful.
  • Avatar for TollyCA
    Loving it.
  • Avatar for hey_soulsister
    definitely one of my personal favorites!
  • Avatar for vocexdelxvuoto
    Okay, two things. 1) Aren't they on hiatus? It says they're doing a show in December... 2) I think until they start playing other songs by THS, we should just post other lyrics here. Sweeeeeeeeet tangerine, won't you please come back to me~
  • Avatar for DearKylie
    Good song, but they have better tracks.
  • Avatar for stephycarroll
  • Avatar for DJ_Werd
    Yea the hush sound have some rocking tunes...
  • Avatar for happyathogwarts
    Why not play more of them instead of just this track? Their other stuff is just as brilliant!
  • Avatar for AcousticAlways
    Ahh, brilliance.
  • Avatar for magicflosskitty
    ♥now your feet are gonna hit the ground
  • Avatar for InAtmosphere-
    I'm in agreement of wanting to hear more than 'honey' by the hush sound. Good song, but they have 3 albums worth of music. Let's hear some of that.
  • Avatar for msjbean
    Reminds me a lot of the lead vocalist in Save Ferris.
  • Avatar for catturnedblue
    this song is alright, but their older albumns are much better
  • Avatar for Lizzy40153
    First time i ever heard this song. I like it
  • Avatar for Roulettex3
    Is this the only song Lastfm has on the Hush Sound? I like and all but it's the only one they play and it's starting to bug me a bit. =/
  • Avatar for magicflosskitty
    aaaaah ♥!
  • Avatar for tashia6277
    great song...but why don't I ever hear others?
  • Avatar for kittykatane
    love this song but im sick of it! they have other songs too last fm
  • Avatar for laylathing2
    I love this song :)
  • Avatar for InAtmosphere-
    I love the feel of this whole albulm
  • Avatar for oicwydt27
    this is a good song
  • Avatar for kittykatane
    wonderful! can't wait for more gold motel stuff too
  • Avatar for Benfolio
    Lastfm is convinced I love this song. I'm getting there...
  • Avatar for utlo
    Sweet this awesome
  • Avatar for zbnet
    Turn it up loud!
  • Avatar for sacredheartofM
    very punk cabaret/ dresden dolls-esque! I LOVE IT!
  • Avatar for KaylaSoul
    your are my LOOOOOOOVEEEE my LOVE
  • Avatar for clarko141
    i <3 this
  • Avatar for thatssorawr
  • Avatar for bibliophilic7
  • Avatar for MizCowbelle
    Fun way to mix up the motifs and imagination
  • Avatar for MisterMauer
    One of my favorite tracks from The Hush Sound!
  • Avatar for lindsatthedisco
    gretz is Brilliant! (:
  • Avatar for TheAnswers42Huh
    I love that they have two lead singers.
  • Avatar for sanchit89
    Awesome band!
  • Avatar for WhoKilledTaylor
    Love this song!


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