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  • Avatar for Kyonne
    So how about that Regret is Murder? Still missing?
  • Avatar for useless-
  • Avatar for ItsAShotgunBaby
    My Scandinavian Ride still has one of my favourite openings to a song, dat riff.
  • Avatar for special707
    Умеете, могёте.
  • Avatar for ws1fish
    would still perform inhuman feats for Regret is Murder, btw
  • Avatar for JellyBean1994
    Just bought the two albums. Must say I am enjoying this. Can't believe I didn't know about this years ago being from Tunbridge Wells. Especially gutted that I missed the final show last year, now.
  • Avatar for titoskunD
    sounds of my highschool
  • Avatar for Clemmetarey2
    awsome !
  • Avatar for BenOnUserstyles
  • Avatar for Rev1205
    I have Just Turn Around if anyone needs it. but I'm still missing Regret Is Murder. :(
  • Avatar for ws1fish
    seconded on Regret is Murder and Just Turn Around. i'm sure i have something rare enough laying to bribe someone into sending?
  • Avatar for Siberiandreamer
    Not emo, morons.
  • Avatar for MatrixEchidna
    I've searching for this Regret is Murder since they took the song off Purevolume (and that's like THREE YEARS). Is there, PLEASE FOR POSEIDON'S SAKE, any way I could get (or at the very least listen to) that song so my soul can rest in peace!?
  • Avatar for Rev1205
    does anyone have the lyrics to "Black Umbrella"? Can't find em anywhere. :(
  • Avatar for knight_88
    i really miss this band!!!....they were great!
  • Avatar for Mrandos
    its a big fucking shame that there is no longer thp
  • Avatar for tin-heart
    regret is murder was a demo song they recorded with ivan, the last singer. it was up for download on purevolume
  • Avatar for Rev1205
    also "Regret Is Murder"... where did these tracks come from?
  • Avatar for Rev1205
    they have a song in the charts I'm not familiar with: Just Turn Around... where did this track come from? it's not on any of their releases...does anyone know?
  • Avatar for SHARKVSZOMBIE
    more emo metal core. primarily due to the contents of the lyrics. either way . love it.
  • Avatar for tin-heart
    a heartbeat behind IS metalcore, just listen to it, the guitars sound like killswitch. drive by monologue is emo. criminally ignored band
  • Avatar for btbam91
    Oh man, I haven't listened to these guys in forever.
  • Avatar for AesxSedai
    lol, hahah, metalcore... it's fxcking good music, but it ain't metalcore xD
  • Avatar for wolfatyourdoor
    Hey, if you like 'The Hurt Process' then you will LOVE Lavondyss!! It Would Be Great If You Could Check Them Out, Maybe Download Their Old E.P From or Their Brand New Mini-Album 'Nibiru' will be in all good record shops and available for download on the 04th of August 2008!!
  • Avatar for Vince11191
    sure it is metalcore =D.... if u don't believe in the excistent of screamo.... lol
  • Avatar for Breg-je
    lol @ finkk - 'course this is screamo.
  • Avatar for finkk
    not screamo, this is metalcore.
  • Avatar for xseppex
    Anyone has the ANother Day EP??? want it badly!
  • Avatar for ws1fish
    any chance we can get a pic of the old lineup up? my reasoning being that the Ivan lineup didn't actually release anything.
  • Avatar for C26000
    I miss this band :'(, sooo good!!
  • Avatar for dreamsrise
    great band))))
  • Avatar for Holda
    perfect band :)
  • Avatar for xseppex
    i dont have it with emos, but this is different
  • Avatar for liklibo
    i'm listening to the first song on their purevolume right now.. not bad so far.
  • Avatar for Devilhunter
    O.O why do people not listen to such a great band? clarity = ♥
  • Avatar for NE-moy
  • Avatar for xseppex
    Another day!
  • Avatar for SlideAway
    holy shit i can't believe a band with this name actually exists...
  • Avatar for TheHurtProcess
    I love u´re song My Scandinavian Ride u guys rock
  • Avatar for timca
    love their A Heartbeat Behind cd f##king awesome
  • Avatar for C26000
    me too :)
  • Avatar for Gvaz
    if anyone has the Last Goodbye cd, i want it
  • Avatar for Gvaz
    great band
  • Avatar for danny813
    join the group --> [group]The Hurt Process[/group]!!

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