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  • Avatar for cookedbacon
    she she she shine on
  • Avatar for raffy_rillo
    They're so underrated.
  • Avatar for leneheart
  • Avatar for goodbye70s
  • Avatar for WinterWanderer
    Why do I never hear people talk about these guys. Great stuff.
  • Avatar for jaoui
    'New' album out, Live At The Lexington, House of Lovely good ;)
  • Avatar for joey_sweet
    I'm love with The House of Love.
  • Avatar for Cylob
    What are the essential albums of the Madchester era? [url=]Join the debate![/url]
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    On paper they sound bland but they're far from it, as good as Echo & The Bunnymen or U2
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    криминально недооценная группа
  • Avatar for Inane_Drivel
    The best mediocre band I ever heard.
  • Avatar for electricchurch
    underrated band. ihad the luck to see them live a few years ago
  • Avatar for zombinella
  • Avatar for jazzthieve
    Spotify playlist: [url=]Rock University: 60 years of Rock Music[/url]
  • Avatar for candlaero
    She Paints Words in Red is a magnificent comeback
  • Avatar for Nochek
  • Avatar for austinsunday
    Watch the House of Love's First Tv Interview in 1989 here:
  • Avatar for weentroll
    German tour dates - please!
  • Avatar for crownanchor
  • Avatar for Ro-beer-val
    Listen : A Baby Got Back On Its Feet (Single 2013)
  • Avatar for XMD5a8000
    Shine On, Hollow, Christine ♥
  • Avatar for mrsrommi
    bio en español = caca
  • Avatar for RedjMusic
    you don't understand, shine on, marble <3
  • Avatar for mrsrommi
    love in a car <3
  • Avatar for chamberofhellos
    Brand New studio album from The House of Love - first in 7 years:
  • Avatar for p0wer_v1olence
    Loving the 3CD set of their self-titled debut on Creation Records! I actually like their Fontana output too (except for The Beatles & The Stones). Just can't get down with that song.
  • Avatar for imissmyjuno
    Check out the 1968-88 Creation Recordings compilation. It has an excellent early recording of Shine On, Real Animal, Hedonist and other tracks that resurfaced in (IMO, less interesting form) on Fontana two years later in 1990.
  • Avatar for Alfredo_Poo
    Forever Girl With the Loneliest Eyes!!!!
  • Avatar for likeadaydreamer
    I lovelovelove this band!
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  • Avatar for THee-BeAtNiK
    : -)
  • Avatar for julCiak69
    finally in Poland. [2]
  • Avatar for PFGrifter
    live at the bbc is a scorcher
  • Avatar for Hillaryfair
  • Avatar for fine_sue
    'the house of love will tear us apart' )
  • Avatar for indieopa
    house of love forever!
  • Avatar for Saii-
    more Indie Pop then Shoegaze
  • Avatar for selrigu
    pffff nooot shoegaze
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    Great tunes with Bickers playing brill guitar...Chambers vocals work well...Basically Four & Five great songs is all the achieved, still they're better than Oasis or Ride...
  • Avatar for mk741
    1 million plays achieved.
  • Avatar for imgoingfishing
  • Avatar for Versenwald
    Just watched the upside down documentary, why was that the first I'd ever heard of this band? Simply amazing
  • Avatar for PartySanCTG
    Jesus, would it have killed them to have Andrea sing more vocals, and add numerals to their album titles like Led Zeppelin?
  • Avatar for andyisdead
    their sound is so pop... and they are so unknown...
  • Avatar for drownedinsound2
    Jill ? The Church might aswell be T.H.O.L.? They are both shit hot..!!
  • Avatar for eyesaresmiles
    Fantastic up to 88, pretty average thereafter. The perfect example of a band that signed to a major and immediately lost the magic. And that remake of Shine On. Catastrophy. But that one album is a killer.
  • Avatar for fakehead
    Could just as well be listening to The Church... heh!
  • Avatar for sebreflex
  • Avatar for Hellraiser917
    Great Band..!
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